Lance and Robert “Crush It” with WEBINARS!

If you’ve seen our promotion for this upcoming interview on Tuesday, Feb. 9th, you’ve been introduced to Robert. But, we wanted you to get a sense of Lance, too.

As the saying goes, these guys rock. The current  internet trend is to “get it done”… systematize so you’re more efficient. These guys take it to a whole new level. They’re masters of  “One Take” know, like a TV show that’s live. They don’t go back and re-shoot.

A Teleseminar about Webinars

What emerges is a very efficient and productive content machine. So, expect in Tuesday’s interview…yes, a teleseminar about Webinars…to learn how to use the Webinar and Video medium to “Crush it”…in Content Generation…in List Building…in Sales Page creation…and in Getting Lots More Done in a fraction of the time. Be prepared to have fun. Replay available afterwards.

If you haven’t already registered, you MUST! Do so at this link.

Now for the 2 minute video – we bring you Lance and Martie (in a cameo).

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  1. CynthiaCharleen

    Looks like you two are having lots of fun living the Internet Marketing Lifestyle. You always give such hehpful information and are such a good resource for information. Keep up the good work. I am anxious to hear about your new bite-sized products. Keep me up to date on your progress.

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