Launch Manager Report|| Front Row for Cart Open


…Continuing in this series of ‘Behind the Scenes’ in a Product Launch…
Tomorrow, the cart opens on 3XSocial. It’s an ideal time to teach you a bit of the behind-the-scenes workings.

Specifically, what we’ll explore are:
1. The setup for Tuesday’s release of the product
2. What’s involved in opening a Sales Cart

First…What’s the Purpose of Today’s Video 4

h It’s important to have a strategic perspective as to why things are done in the order they are. The final pre-launch content is Video 4, which places viewers in the perfect position for Tuesday’s Cart opening. Here’s why…

1) There is no optin required to see this video, and it’s the last opportunity to grab prior content. This creates a sense of ‘pay attention’ urgency.

2) Throughout pre-Launch, Don Crowther has positioned ‘Content’ as the key to attracting the right ‘business’ conversations…which then lead to profit. Video 4 is really hot in that it demonstrates and positions his new ‘Socializer’ course software as the tool to do just that. The general point is…lead your prospects down the right logical path to your solution as the best choice.

3) At this point, it’s important to provide what Jeff Walker termed “social proof” in his Product launch Formula model. Accordingly, in this video, Don provides customer testimonials from several who’ve achieved huge success as a result of leading with ‘Content’…it’s the perfect segway into the introduction of the course’s three streamlined Strategies to utilize his system with the aid of the software.

If you’d like to grab a glimpse into the next phase of the launch…Cart Open…go here.

Second…Behind the scenes.

I’ve come to realize that a Launch is a living being of its own. If you know me at all, you know, I’m obsessively organized. I even had Don put this Launch off for a month due to the amount of time it takes to set things up. Despite that, my Team and I are working literally around the clock to stay just ahead of the next release.

Even as I write this, I am preparing for a possible all-nighter before the Opening tomorrow…and I started  3.5 months ago. Allow me to give you just a glimpse at all the Mindmap steps I setup just for Opening the Cart tomorrow.

salesmm Launch Manager Report|| Front Row for Cart Open


Now, let’s talk about the TEAM.

Looking specifically at getting the Sales page ready, there is a lot to be done. As you see all the pieces involved, can you imagine what it would be like trying to do this all yourself? I am working full time just managing a Team doing this stuff! So, here’s a view of the roles and what is involved!


launch team Launch Manager Report|| Front Row for Cart Open
So, why am I showing you this? It’s all about organization and pre-planning. Yes, there are a lot of moving pieces and people involved. If I could leave you with one thought on this, it is this. Take your time when you decide to put a major product into the marketplace. If you do, the financial rewards and the intrinsic rewards of a Team coming together are thrilling.

In the next installment, I’ll take a look back to the beginning of Launch Planning. You’ll see what the key decisions are that must be made and what goes into making them.




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