Launch Manager Report: Movie Script

You’re about to get an inside track on a major Product Launch…brought to you in my capacity as Launch Manager for Don Crowther’s ’3X Social’!

We’re embarking together onto a  launch ‘Movie Script”. And, just like in the movies, we’re going to have Flashbacks.

The Present

But for now, let’s stay in the present. In the launch, we are currently letting viewers see ‘Prelaunch Video 2′ in our series. This video and handouts are all about the importance of setting up Systems to streamline your social media activity. For the purposes of this chronicle of a Launch, I want you to understand the strategic importance of this great content. If you’re not yet subscribed to receive Don’s content videos and emails, go here.  You’ll be able to see prior videos as well.

Don has developed a new methodology on using social media to make profits online. His product, 3XSocial, which you will hear about soon, presents a step by step approach to apply this new paradigm, in the shortest time possible, with the assistance of others…and a goal to maximize your Return on Investment.

So, using the Launch model, there’s prep work that must be done before the details of the product are explored. And that’s what we’re doing here. You see, we set up this launch to have four “pre-launch” content videos. The purpose of that content is to educate people about the changing landscape and to solidly present the data to support the contention that “If you want to prosper in social media moving forward, you have to do things differently.”

Accordingly, video 1 showed what is different and why. This new video 2 presents the importance of and criteria for having a System to streamline the work that’s involved. The final two videos take this development even further.


So, the obvious question is, “Why all this prep?” The answer is in the methodology. This is called a “sideways sales letter”. In a traditional Sales Letter, the Marketer has to assume that the prospect is coming to the sales page from scratch. Therefore, the entire case for the product, including testimonials, benefits, the product creator’s competency, etc. have to be laid out in the Sales Letter…and it can get quite long.

In a sideways sales letter, the marketer can use the advance content, not only to educate, but also to present much of the information that would otherwise be in the Sales letter…as well as handle objections beforehand. If done right, the prospect will have a pretty good idea whether they want to buy the product when the Cart opens and the product becomes available.

Up to this point, Don’s taught that to make social media profitable, you have to move the focus away from conversations to leading with content that THEN leads to relevant conversation.  He’s also shown that the building friends approach  alone is not sustainable…but can be resolved with a well-integrated System. And that’s the setup for tomorrow’s video, in which viewers will learn what’s needed in an effective social media system…under the new rules.

So stay tuned for the strategy behind that video and a deeper Flashback to the planning of a Launch.


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