Launch A Product

icon bar Launch A ProductWouldn’t it be great to have someone take that product in your head and help you promote it fast and profitably?

A Product Launch is any campaign to market a product online.

I bet that when you think of launches, you’re thinking of the $1,997 product with a bunch of Affiliates all promoting over a tight 3 week timeframe.

The problem with this model is that it only works if you already have tremendous clout in the marketplace and many Affiliates…or if your product is so compelling that everyone wants to jump onto the bandwagon.

But what if I told you there are SIX other models that you’ve never heard of that now perform better than traditional product launches? Mynders works with a few clients at a time to help them identify which of the 7 Launch Models are most appropriate for their circumstances.

During the course of their work together, he examines with the client, in great detail, the 6 phases of a Product Launch (Launch Strategy & Storyboarding; Product & Material Creation; Creating the Webstructure; Team, Communications, Project Management; Affiliates & Marketing; and Tracking, Budget, Tagging, Statistics).

The goal is to quickly ascertain with which components the client needs help…and then implement a complete product launch plan, so that the client can get his/her product to market rapidly.

Mynders’ process typically begins with an initial phone conversation, and if appropriate, this is followed by a complementary 45 minute Strategy Session. From there, the scope of the engagement is determined.

The result..In a very short period of time, you can have in place an integrated System that allows you to Launch your products sequentially…and profitably.

Here are my specific packages available:

Initial Consultation: $100

I am happy to have an initial meeting with you to determine your needs and how I can best help you. Because our process together is very interactive, using tools via a 1:1 virtual meeting, I guarantee you’ll get powerful results. Simply go to the bottom of this page and click on the ‘Find Out More’ button for complete details and to take advantage of this.

One Time Starter Package: $1,000

This is ideal for smaller scope projects, or to test the impact I can have on your business. We’ll identify a specific outcome that you desire and then have three 1:1 sessions (one hour each) via webinar, in which we move you toward that Goal.

Outside of our meetings, I take additional time creating worksheets and processes for you, as well as review the content you are creating along the way (sales copy, websites, etc.) When completed, you have the opportunity to move into one of my other services, if appropriate.

Product Launch Consulting

Priced per project

This is the most practical way for most marketers to receive extensive guidance on putting in place the building blocks of their launch. I bring all of my Models and resources to bear to assist you in having a successful launch. This engagement typically happens over a several month timespan.

Product Launch Manager

Priced per project

Under the right circumstances, Mynders is available to actually run your Launch. This typically involves everything from brainstorming the strategy to hiring the Team, and ensuring that all tasks get completed on time for a very profitable launch.

This is priced based on the scope of the engagement, but typically includes a fixed fee, plus a variable component.

A Day with Mynders: $4,000 + expenses

This can be at your office or mine. We hash out what you need and put in place the structure to get there. It is a full 8 hour day in which I bring my full tool box to bear to help you create massive implementation in one day.

Feel free to have your staff present to setup webstructures, while we put in place the structure to implement…or we can strategize all day.