More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!

3launchgraphic1 150x150 More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!There are two essential cores to building your business…Expanding your List and Revenue-creation from selling your products. At the core, these two are integrated, so I want to offer you several methods on how to combine both of these as you grow your business. This can be accomplished by understanding the broad view of launching, or promoting, your products.

What is a Product Launch?

A ‘Launch’ really is no more than the process of getting your unique expertise (your product) out into the world for the purpose of making Revenue and sharing this value with others. It goes way beyond a twice per year ritual that has been made popular in recent years with the pattern of the high profile marketers. In fact, it’s only one of 3 broad models to launch your product out into the marketplace.

The 3 Models:

1. Traditional Launch. Create a substantial product and undergo a 2 1/2 week process to market it.  Do this maybe twice per year; take it off the market in between. Secure as many Affiliates as possible to market during this 2 1/2 week period. Follow a set process to move your prospects and Affiliates down a particular path…all leading to a short window in which the ability to purchase exists (Cart Open). Charge a hefty price for the product to justify mass Affiliate participation and to cover the costs of the promotion.

2.  Preview Webinar Launch. The idea here is that you devote a longer period to the launch process…maybe even several months. You create the same great product, but you also devise an awesome free webinar with high value content related to your product. Then, you approach Affiliates 1 on 1 to promote your product by offering a free webinar to their List (whose members fit your product profile). At the end of the webinar, you promote your product, offering a compelling reason to buy at this point in time. The Affiliate gets individual attention and has the potential to make nice income as a result of mailing to their List and attending a 90 minute Webinar.

3. Evergreen Launch. The key idea here is that a prospect has the opportunity to buy your product whenever they come into contact with you over the course of the year. As the product creator, you set up the sequential process that you want to take your prospect through that is accessible to anyone whenever they enter your funnel. This process is driven by your marketing efforts to drive traffic to the start of the funnel…typically an optin page. The Evergreen process is highly driven by “content” that you blast throughout social media. It can be done via organic and paid traffic.

To further understand the intricacies of these three methods…and the differences between them, I’ve prepared the following chart.

launch11 More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!

launch2 More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!

launch 3 More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!

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