Do You Have A Good Lead Generation System?

email leads 150x150 Do You Have A Good Lead Generation System?It’s easy to get bogged down in the myriad of online tasks that need to be done, such that nothing constructive happens. But sometimes, it’s simply a matter of focusing on the core of what will build your business. So, with that…

Is Your Lead-Gen System In Place?

There are several essential pieces to such a system…
1.The lead gen site (opt in page) itself;
2. The ability to capture those leads so you can begin communicating with them; and
3. The marketing methods you use to send prospects to your lead generation site;

That’s it! Not more complicated than that. However, you must put flesh on those bones, so to speak…so let’s look a little deeper.

The Lead Gen Site
This is nothing more than an optin page, where you promise a free report, video, etc. in exchange for your prospect’s name and email address. Today’s thinking is to have these pages be straight forward, with a headline, brief intro to your promise, and an optin box.

To be effective, the lead gen page has to be tied into a followup page (Thank You Page…or perhaps a Sales Page pointing to your product) have a link to your Autoresponder, and, of course, offer a way to pick up the free giveaway (usually on the TYP or via the Autoresponder email).

And, it can be beefed up with an audio, video, google, analytics tracking code, etc.

Capture and Communication
The Autoresponder is the key component here. Remember that with your optin page, you are making that first contact with the prospect, perhaps as a result of a Google search. So, you have to build the relationship.

By preloading a series of emails into your Autoresponder, you can build the relationship, as well as send your prospect periodically to your Sales page.

Go Here to pick up a free audio to learn the philosophy behind and the structure for your Autoresponder emails. 

Marketing Methods
Finally, once you have your system in place, you need to drive traffic into that system in order to build your List, and ultimately, your Revenues.

There are many ways to achieve that, but here, I’ll list the organic methods we use most frequently.
-List Emails out (with proper balance between content and sales)
-Write Blog Posts
-Write Articles
-Submit to Ezine Articles
-Market on Twitter
-Market on Facebook
-Setup Facebook Events
-Press Release
-Blast videos out on Youtube, etc.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

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