Use Levelator to Fix Annoying Volume Variations in Your Audios

I’m sure you have been the victim (or perhaps even the perpetrator) of those annoying audios that have huge fluctuations in volume. This makes is irritating at best – and impossible at worst – to listen to in your car, or on your mp3 player – or even on your computer.

You have to constantly adjust the volume with each different presenter’s level, so that you can either hear the quiet-voiced presenter, or keep the exuberant one from breaking your ear drums!

Tell you what – I’ve been known to just stop listening to these types of audios. What’s more, I’ll bet I’m not alone in that response. And if you have great content to present, or a product you want to offer, you do not want your listeners to hit the ‘stop’ button in frustration.

Well, there is an answer (hear for yourself…)!

Levelator to the Rescue

Levelator software can take that difficult-to-listen-to audio and level out the huge volume fluctuations in a snap!

Here’s a quick video of me leveling a sample 1 minute audio, so you can see just how easy this is to do.

(Give the video and audios a bit to load – something strange going on in the land of the WWW.)

The before and after mp3 files are below the video, so you can hear the difference for yourself.

Let Your Ears be the Judge

Now listen to the before and after mp3 files below (you may have to click the play icon twice to get it going).

You will notice that the ‘after’ mp3 is louder overall, but the fluctuations are evened out. Imagine how much easier it would be to just adjust the overall volume on your player, and listen to that second audio. Adjust once, listen all the way through.

Before Levelator

After Levelator

Amazing, right?

So do your listeners a BIG favor and, if you have some audio content you plan to publish that has big volume fluctuations, level your volumes before you publish.

And did I mention that Levelator is free – for PC and Mac. Even better.

Grab your copy here:

And many thanks to Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian for telling us about this immediately useful software in their amazing Podcast Secrets course.

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