Leverage Systems In Your Business to Maximize Results

A big goal here is to get maximum results with minimum time and effort. It seems that there is always more to do in a day than you can complete, so you want the time you DO spend on your list-building and business activities to be the ones that generate income.

The temptation that often shows up here is to get distracted by the shiny object syndrome (the newest, best, sexiest, most-hyped ideas), with the end result that we stop doing the things that we know will bring results.

After you do these list-building activities we have been discussing a few times, they will be easy to do. They’ll be almost second nature. And if you let it, they might get boring, and you might want to set it aside for something new and challenging.

The real challenge is not to stop now that you have a firm foundation!

Don’t shift your attention away from building your list for a particular product or service until your list continues to build almost automatically. When you can leave it alone for a few days, or weeks, and when you return, your list is larger, and your sales continue to increase, then you can start to explore your next product or service to offer.

Building Your List Automatically

After you have gotten one sequence of pages and online sites pointing to your opt-in page, using various highly targeted keywords, and people are visiting your opt-in page and actually giving your their name and email address, it’s time to look at expansion.

Not expansion to a different product or service, but rather, expansion to another avenue to drive traffic to a second opt-in page for that same product. Edit your currently successful opt-in page so that it is targeted to a slightly different audience who are looking to solve a slightly different problem, but for whom the answer is the same. Your product or service.

Build out the traffic-generating systems and build your list around this slightly different audience. Nurture it, tweak it. Get it solid.

Now do it again. And again.

Once you have learned how to create this integrated system once, avoiding the pitfalls and doing each step in the correct sequence, you can use it over and over again, product after product. Business after business.

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