Live Action vs Screencast Video

I love metaphors. And, just coming out of “Bowl” season, I am inspired by the football teams which demonstrate versatility in the way they run their offense. Truly, the better teams have a quarterback who can execute a great running game, as well as passing.

Similarly, as the quarterback of your Internet business…and the creator of content, it makes sense to have total versatility in presenting your video content.

Take a look at this short video in which I share some tips that I’ve learned from ‘live video’ master, Rick Davis, in setting up the lighting, generating spontaneous content…and oh yeah…seeing screencast videos from the other side of the camera.

And, if you’re seeing this video before January 13th, go ahead and click here to join us on Rick’s January 12th live  webinar on ‘Creating Impactful Live Action Videos’.

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  1. Helen Raptoplous

    Mynders, excellent video! I just loved seeing your space and how it all fits together! It was great to know what equipment you use and what it looks like for you behind the scenes as you create video. I will be doing more videos this year and I am encouraged by your ease and the simplicity of it all! Thank you again Mynders!!


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