Make Your First Web Presence a Blog Site

So you’ve decided to make the move to Internet marketing and now you’re designing your initial website…creating your first web presence.

Congratulations! The Internet is a seemingly infinite market to tap into, but there are some basic decisions to make before you start work on your website. The broadest of which is what type of site you are looking to create.

Your 2 Choices

The main two options are a blogging platform or an HTML site. So why might you choose blogging over the traditional HTML page? The answer lies in the advantages that a blogging platform provides, many of which are not matched by a typical website. The largest advantage of blogging is the “SEO factor”. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of writing your website content in the way that best takes advantage of how search engines function. Google sweeps through millions of pages of content every second looking for keywords in order to categorize what the website is really about. Blog sites have fresher and more frequently updated content, so they are indexed faster by search engines and will quickly climb up the results pages.

Why WordPress

We like WordPress as a blogging platform that you can host on your own personal website, bringing some unique advantages. It can be used for sales letters, websites, portal sites, ecommerce sites, and of course for blogging. Great plug-ins and themes allow you to very easily customize your pages and make the website your own. WordPress also helps with search engine optimization by automatically alerting search engines whenever you make a change to your site or update your blog.

All of these tools make for a very successful SEO combination, as witnessed when a first web presence made it to the first search result on Google in just 9 days, as a result of using a WordPress blog. This would ordinarily take months with an html page.

So when deciding how to confront the task ahead of you, the choice should be clear. A blog site will provide you with more freedom and be more effective than a traditional html site, and WordPress is the perfect blogging template to host on your website.

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