Managing Email Distraction: Online Business Productivity Tip, part 2

In continuing the theme from the last post, let’s look at some solutions for email distraction.

Balance Your Need for Information While Eliminating Its High Distraction Factor

It’s easy! Simply set up a separate email account to use when you optin to someone’s newsletter, ezine or updates.

Just go to your favorite web-based email provider (such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) and set up a new email account for yourself. Create an email address that you can easily remember — maybe something like JohnsIM for John’s Internet Marketing related email. Then use that email address when you sign up for email and newsletters you want to receive and have available for use on an as-needed basis.

The key is not to pull all of your email into your computer-based email client, such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. Instead, let those emails that you want for later reference only stay on your web-based email account. Set aside a dedicated period of time to log in and quickly review them.

This way you won’t be distracted by new emails with attention-grabbing headlines flowing into your work space all day long. But you’ll still have the information if you need it.

Set Up Niche-Specific Email Accounts

This is a great system for those who are marketing within a number of niches. Simply create a separate email account for each of your business-related niches. That way when you want to check out the latest ideas, products or blogs for Niche A, it’s all there in one organized spot.

Want to see what’s new within Niche B? Or are you starting a new email campaign for Niche B and you want to see what your competition has been doing? Log in to that niche’s account and scan it quickly.

The point is to gain control over your time…in the areas that can easily consume you.

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