Market Research: What Questions are Your Prospects Asking?

question mark blue 150x150 Market Research: What Questions are Your Prospects Asking?Market research is key for anyone doing business online these days. The better you can anticipate what questions your prospects and customers are asking related to your product or service, the more helpful you can be to them. You’ll know what problems they are facing, what answers they are looking for, and what they need from you so they can get their problems solved.

Here’s a short (really short – maybe 2 minutes) video showing you a cool online tool you can use to find the exact questions being asked in your market or niche.

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  1. Kathleen Gage

    Excellent tip. You two never cease to amaze me with the fabulous insights you give to your market. I am headed over to the location right now to test out some keywords.

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  2. Deb

    Thanks Kathleen!

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  3. Carol Farbe

    Great information! How do you find this stuff? I will definitely check here before beginning my next project. Thanks.

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  4. Deb

    Hi Carol,
    I’m always looking for new cool tools we can all use as I cruise around the web! Glad you find our info helpful.

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  5. Carol Farbe

    Deb, is there a cut off as far as the numbers are concerned? In other words, I have had a key phrase come up with a range of 158 down to 5. What should I look for? Is 158 still to low?

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  6. Deb

    Hey Carol,
    The numbers you get are going to be relative to your niche – some will have more searches on a specific question, and others won’t have many. That makes it tough to set limits – it all depends! Remember that these are pretty long-tail keyword phrases here, since they are actual questions being asked, so be sure to also include your keyword phrases from more typical keyword searches when you write blog posts, articles, etc.

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