How Wide Is Your Marketing Funnel?

funnel1 How Wide Is Your Marketing Funnel?Whenever I return from an awesome marketing event, I often gain a huge new  business perspective. As Deb and I look at taking our business to the next level, it has become clear to me that the key lies in where we put our focus in the Marketing Funnel.

For the purposes of this discussion, I’m going to identify 2 primary business-building paths within the funnel.                 Go Wide vs.Go Deep     What’s the difference?

1. Go Wide

This is when you decide to build your business by putting a lot of stuff out there…in other words, your focus is at the top of the funnel.

  • You’re promoting a lot of your own and affiliates’ products
  • You’re all over the social networks
  • You have a lot of little projects always going on.

The Benefits of this Approach:

  1. It is much more diversified such that if 1 Revenue Streeam doesn’t work, you have options.
  2. It has the potential to provide a much broader marketing exposure.
  3. It fits the style of someone who is able to keep a lot in his/her mind at once.
  4. The things that are working will filter down through the tiny opening into your business success container.

 2 Go Deep

 This is when you build your business by focusing on a few things and going deeper into them. For example, you might decide to focus on all the ways you can build your business around a core product line. This approach is all about focus and it’s like putting a straw between the bottle opening and the mouth of the funnel. Let’s look at some of the attributes.

  • You dentify a core progression of your product offerings…wht is your lead-in product or service, what’s the next logical step for a prospect from there, and so on.
  • You spend your time and energy creating the pieces of this structure…starting with your lead-in product
  • You dentify where the end point of this progression leads for you and you work backwards.

The Benefits of this Approach:

  1. The “Go Deep” strategy is ideal for those who are more planful…who need to see the big picture.
  2. It also fits the behavioral profile of someone who gets stymied by detail…so many things to do that you just can’t seem to pick out the really important things from the mix.
  3. This allows you to focus on a variety of Revenue streams, with a tight relationship to each other.

Which Is Right For You?

It is worth taking a look at how your style interacts with this model. Are you building your business in a way that does not support your natural way of working? You may find one of these fits you to a tee…or your solution  may be a hybrid of the two.

The point is to know your personal style of being productive and then having the courage to pursue that course.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Helen Raptoplous

    Excellent description of two business models! I love the way you layed it all out for us. I can see that both are perfectly good models, but that we are best off to choose one and make a real go of it.

    I see value in both of these models and think I use a little of both. As an ‘ideas girl’ I would say I like the wide version better so that I can jump around from projet to project. When I find a project is paying off I will go back and spend some time taking that one idea a bit deeper.

    Thank you for sharing these insights with us!!

    Reply ·
  2. Mynders Glover

    Helen: You are the master of the 1st approach. These days, I’m leaning toward the second, as it fits my style…but I continue to learn from you.

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