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There’s a lot to be learned from observing current online trends. If you look at the internet offerings that are being scooped up these days, they typically have a ring of a mass market ‘business opportunity’. Why is that? One reason is that there are a lot more people competing in the online world each day looking for opportunities, as well as existing marketers trying to find their niche.

True, there are endless business  models by which you can make money on the internet. However, there’s only one model that will actually work for you. And that’s the one you’ll do…consistently!

My goal here is to get the wheels turning for those who are  frustrated because you are not advancing as fast as you’d like. The good news is that the solution is right before your eyes, doing more of what you love…what drives your individual passion.

Here are some thoughts to help you fine tune your strategy.

1.  Are you good at customer service?
Your customer list may not be huge, but perhaps you have a reputation as someone who provides great support. You may even love answering all those emails with a personal touch.

Well, there are many high level marketers who could use your services. As one’s business grows, the ability to follow up effectively becomes more difficult. Even more rare is finding a customer support person who understands Internet Marketing. There you have an advantage.

The strategy: Consider farming out part of your time (and income) to this pursuit.

2.  Do you excel in creating product?
Sometimes it can seem like there are too many moving parts to this business. Perhaps you are very thorough and you just like to stick with one task and follow it ll the way through. The result…you create great products!

There are 2 great strategies here.
a. Focus on product creation as the backbone of your business (in  focused niche, of course), and then actively seek JV and affiliate partners with which to promote your products. In the process, you get a dual result…Revenue and building your list.

b. Be a product developer for someone else…especially someone with a big list. Work out a deal whereby you leverage your results and get paid on a ‘per product sold’ basis.

3.  Are you an exceptional marketer?
Now, here’s the flip side of that coin. Some people are great at product creation, but hate to market themselves.Your strategy: Put in place a system to market an exceptional product and then go seek out good products.

Now you could become a ‘super affiliate’, cherry picking good products and marketing them in pay per click ads, clickbank, etc. Maybe, instead, pick a leverage strategy, whereby you actually coordinate a launch for an exceptional product with a product creator who truly values and pays for exceptional marketing.

4.  Are you a technical whiz?
Do you have the ability to easily understand the technical side of the internet?

Strategy: Creating websites for others or consulting on an hourly basis might be the way to go. And, in today’s online world, you need not have any geographic constraints.

Better yet, if you can you teach what you know easily, then focusing on the technical ‘how to’ courses may be your answer.

5.  Do you love to do it all
Are you a jack of all trades and the idea of focusing on one thing has been your nemesis? Well, turn that shiny object syndrome to your advantage. This is where the Virtual Assistant profession got its start.

Strategy: Which of your skills is your best?  Do you think you could take your best asset and find a few successful people online who could become even more successful if you were to help them in that area? So, become a Business Manager for hire…someone who needs little direction and absolutely gets the job done. Imagine how valuable that would be to someone.

Often, as entrepreneurs, all we have to do is step back and take a look at our business from another perspective. Refocusing in one of the ways I’m suggesting here might be all you need to take your business to the next level and perhaps to rekindle a spark that lives within.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Dale Anderson

    Some great ideas here Mynders, doing our strengths and finding others to step in where we are the weakest should work without fail.

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