Working Toward That Magical Moment of Bliss, Part 1

I feel like I just got my life back. For the past 2 years…in fact the entire time that I’ve been working our Internet business…I’ve had to answer to two Masters.

The first was the ongoing work of managing my Development project in Durango, CO, which was put on indefinite hold when the economy took a downward spiral in the spring of 2008. Even though the project was on pause, I had to put on a different cap and become a Landlord/Rental Agent just to cover the ongoing bank loan and other expenses.

The second was our Internet business, which seemed to develop at a slower pace, given that both Deb and I had half time jobs, so to speak.

Whydid I consider Business Building one of my masters? Well, for 2 years, I had been trying to fit my online business (the proverbial square peg) into a box that didn’t make sense (the round hole).

That’s All Changing Now!

Sometimes in the midst of managing stress, one doesn’t realize how much strain altering one’s natural patterns creates. For my Real Estate project, I just created a sense of closure, as I turned over the rental and Landlord issues to a Property Manager.

Now, as I’m gaining more of my days back, I realize how limiting my old routine really was.  I’d enter into a day, knowing that halfway through it, I’d have to switch gears and orient my brain to something totally different. It’s like being an artist in the morning and an accountant in the afternoon.

Join me tomorrow, as I share the lessons learned from this experience, and as I reclaim control over my working environment to create greater balance in life.

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