Leverage Multiple Web Properties Pointing to One Opt-In Page

There are many sites on the internet that, for a lot of reasons, get tons of traffic already, and are loved by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you put a page, article or post on these sites, you benefit immediately from their longevity and popularity.

You’ll get lots of traffic quickly on these sites, and then the idea is to direct people from those sites to your opt-in page.

What are some of these sites you’ll want to leverage to benefit your online business?


YouTube is a huge search engine all on its own, and when you post a video on YouTube and use keywords in your description of the video, people searching either in general or on YouTube specifically will be able to find you. If they like your video, they’ll likely visit your site. Remember to put the URL of your opt-in page first in the description of your video, and use the full http://www in front of your URL so that it is a live link.


A free site that allows you to create numerous pages about you, your business, a product or service. And, you can include live links on your pages that invite people back to your opt-in pages.

Hub Pages

Hub Pages work a lot like Squidoo. Why would you want to do both? Because when we’re putting our business out there live on the internet, more is better. More places you can be found, by people who hang out on those sites. We all have our favorite places online, you know. More places the search engines can find you, too.

WordPress.com, Blogger or other free blogging platforms

As you know, we strongly recommend that you don’t put your main business blog on someone else’s free blogging site. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the popularity and traffic these sites generate. Instead of hosting your main blog there, consider these as places for small, targeted blogs. Write a number of blog posts there that are highly targeted to your product, service and keywords, and then send the visitors to your main blog and your opt-in page.

Facebook Fan Pages

This one seems to show up in many categories, right? Fan Pages show up here because you can get involved by participating on complementary business’ Fan Pages, making posts and entering discussions.

Those posts will go many other people’s News Feeds, and if you include a link to a wonderful and valuable gift, many of those people will join you on your blog and will opt in to your list. Just be sure to use the Fan Pages for the vast majority of your marketing efforts, rather than people’s personal profiles.

This is a starter list of web properties you can start to call your own when it comes to driving traffic to your opt-in page. Don’t forget to look for places like this that are specific to your niche or market, as they will have the most highly targeted traffic, and you want to place yourself in front of them as often as possible.

Tomorrow Mynders has another video that looks at how this all comes together and works in a synergistic fashion to help you build your list and your online business.

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