Next Time You Say “I Already Know That!” — Pay Very Close Attention

As someone who is building a business on the internet, you probably study a lot of information on various internet business solutions.

As you listen to teleseminars, read ebooks or study courses, you more than likely run across information you have heard before.

And when that happens, you probably think to yourself, “I know that!”

It’s just common nature to think that. And it is probably true. You’ve heard it before.

You know it already.

Interestingly, the all-too-common next thought is to discount whatever you already know you should be doing in favor of the new and the novel. To believe that unless you are learning about totally new techniques and tools, you are gaining nothing.

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth!

The first thing you must do when you are starting an internet business is to create your business foundation. Put the systems into place to support your business as it grows. Like these, for example:

  • Get your domain name
  • Select a hosting company
  • Set up your blog or website
  • Choose an email management system
  • Pick your shopping cart systems
  • Do your keyword research
  • Get to know your market
  • Participate in their conversations
  • Become active in Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • Get your name out there on the internet
  • Blog
  • Write articles
  • Comment in forums
  • Build a list of prospects and customers

OK. I know…

You know all this stuff already! This is nothing new!

The important question here is not “Do you know these things?”

The Business-Breaker is Whether You are Doing These Things in Your Business

And doing them on a regular basis. Consistently (and by consistently, I mean three to four times a week, if not daily).

Spend your precious time on things that build your business: content creation, list-building, customer relations, becoming known in your market.

Spending days or weeks researching every hosting company or all possible autoresponder solutions is NOT a way to grow your business. Go with a recommended company (like the ones on our Recommended Resources page) that have been proven to be solid and dependable.

Get it set up as fast as you can. You don’t need to know every permutation of how it all works – you only need to know enough to get going.

Then get started doing the things that will grow your business on top of this solid foundation. Do these steps correctly and your business can soar.

And the next time you find yourself thinking, “I know that!” — pay very close attention. What you just heard (and already know) is probably a key to the success of your business.

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