Do You Suffer From This Common Internet Marketing Ailment? II Starting an Online Business

So you have an online business! But is it  actually profitable, bringing in a consistent income for you and your family? You surely aren’t alone.  Tens of thousands of people start a business online every week. Most of them will fail. That’s the hard, honest truth. But it does not have to be you!

Way too many people try to start an online business but get the steps all out of order. And if you take action out of order, your business probably isn’t going to work.

Do You Suffer from IMI-ADD?

Deb here…A very common problem among people doing business online is what I call IMI-ADD (internet-marketing-induced attention deficit disorder). With impulsivity. I should know – I surely had it. Seems like some days I still do. IMI-ADD with impulsivity is when you open your email and start your day by reading promotional messages from your favorite marketing gurus. You click the links, watch the videos, check out the sales pages…

And pull out your credit card. Hours go by, money is spent, and the only thing you have accomplished is to build someone else’s business and their bottom line.

Are You Buying Traffic Generation Products — But You Don’t Even Have a Website Yet?

So many people have boxes and boxes of courses and products, or a hard drive full of material they can’t possibly consume. Much of it may even sit unopened in the garage or on a shelf. Many will go out of date before you get around to using them in your business. If you don’t need a particular product almost immediately, don’t buy it. At least not now. Don’t be led down that impulse-buying path by product launches that sell a product for a few days and say they’ll be pulling it from the market. “Buy Now or You Lose Out Forever!” the sales pages scream at you.

Contrary to most of these promises (or maybe threats), you will likely see the new and improved versions on the market again.

Continuing Education Is Vital to Business Success

There is absolutely no reason you need to figure this all out on your own. You definitely want to learn from the successes and mistakes of others who have gone before you. Find people who have had success in your desired market and model after them. Buy their products and services. Let them be your guides and mentors.

Take Your Next Logical Step

It’s all about knowing what to do for your next logical step, and then doing it. Don’t get distracted by all of the shiny objects promoted by master salespeople who entice you to follow their agenda instead of your own. Give yourself and your online business every possible chance to succeed. Find someone who has been successful in your market. Study them, and learn from them. Make a plan, stay focused.

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  1. Kathryn Griffiths

    I absolutely agree. When I was a newbie… I purchased everything I could get my hands on. My biggest problem was… connecting the dots.
    Gurus said… Do this… Do that. How? What comes first?
    There was a lot of “What” to do… but not “How” to do it.

    Mentors and coaches have a lot of filling in the gaps before there clients feel comfortable in moving.

    I struggled for a long time before I could move forward… Perhaps that’s part of the process.

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  2. Stephanie - Home with the Kids

    I’ve always preferred to really learn how to do one marketing technique before starting another. It’s much too confusing to pay attention to the latest, greatest or hottest new idea out there. Figure out if a particular tactic works or not for you, then add more as your skills improve.

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