Organize Passwords and Other Critical Data

search Organize Passwords and Other Critical DataIf you are like me, you spend way too much time hunting for data on your computer.

You know you saved that URL (maybe you even bookmarked it), or kept the information on the new product you bought in a Word document or email.

And that great list of new resources and websites you found last week that you want to share with your subscribers. You saved that, too.

But where IS it?! Arghh!

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Key Information

I finally gave in and decided to try a new (hopefully more efficient) way. I was already using the free program Password Corral to store my logins and passwords for various sites, and thought I might try expanding how I used it.

So I created a variety of folders within Password Corral for general subject areas and topics I wanted to be able to locate instantly. Things like affiliate programs for products we promote, redirect pages we have created, Paypal and KickStartCart ‘buy’ button codes, YouTube video embed codes, etc.

I also created a ‘Resources’ folder. In that folder I have a bunch of subfolders organized by topics. Subfolders like html resources, graphics, audio and video information, PLR sites, etc. These may not have passwords and usernames associated with them, but I can enter the URLs and additional information there anyway. Now when I want to find that great website that has html code snippets on it, I open Password Corral and in two clicks I have it.

Here’s a quick video showing you how I use Password Corral to go beyond managing my usernames and passwords. It’s saved me a ton of time and frustration in the past months — I hope it will do the same for you.

While Password Corral is for PCs only, I’ve included URLs in the video (and below) to another great free product that does the same thing and is available for both Macintosh and PC.

You can download the products here:

Password Corral:


I invite you to comment below and share creative ways you have found to use programs like Password Corral to save yourself time and lots of frustration.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Kim Turcotte

    Deb & Mynders,

    I absolutely love your site. You offer so many wonderful tips and tricks for the budding entrepreneur! This is a fantastic resource. I have tried excel spreadsheets, bookmarking etc., and never found a resource where I could easily store everything in one place, until now!

    Thanks so much for sharing! You guys are great!

    Kim Turcotte

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  2. Moreen Torpy

    Looks great, Deb. Just downloaded Password Corral, and will begin inputting all my data. Thanks for the tip.

    Moreen Torpy
    De-Clutter Coach

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  3. Suzie Cheel

    Hi Deb,
    Thanks for this, will now go and look at the Mac version

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  4. Deb

    Thanks Kim! We invite you to come back here and share ways that you are using these tools – I love learning new and creative ways to make my life easier, and my business-building time more productive.

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  5. Deb

    Great! I hope you find it as helpful as I do for organizing (and quickly finding) those snippets of often-used information.

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