At BusinessBuilding, we focus on helping you build your online business…1 product at a time.

The starting place for this is to set up your core lead generation and marketing websites (Landing page, Sales page, and/or Blog) as quickly as possible to really make youronline presence felt.

See the table below for access to our paid website creation products.

At this Workshop, we want to help you jumpstart your business quickly.

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I. Quick Website Creation Products

Quick Website Creation Products
(Click on the name to Order)
Description Product Price
Landing Page and Email system (do it yourself) LP Template and video instructions with Email autoresponder integration. $250
(Free this Weekend.)
Additional Option…
(Do it Yourself)… Create multiple
Landing and Sales pages
Landing Page, Sales Page and Email system (Do It Yourself)
Purchase this WordPress Template to create your own landing and sales pages, and then integrate them with your email management system. You’ll do it yourself, but with the built in tutorials and our bonuses, you’ll have everything you need! $197 
Bonus tutorials with all packages 1) Finding Great Keywords
2)Writing Effective Headlines
3)Writing Effective Bullet Points
4)Writing your Autoresponder
5) How to Create Your Free Report

After you have put in your 100 % off coupon code for a paid content or product option, you will be directed to the membership site where you’ll have access to the product (self study) or further instructions on how to proceed (done for you).

The best way to contact us is to submit a customer support ticket at our help desk. Just click the link below.

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We have a number of additional courses that we’ve developed, as well. These are designed to help you build your marketing around the underlying lead generation and sales structure.

II. Courses and Mini-Courses

There are a number of full courses and mini-courses available to answer your questions and save you time and frustration. Here are the links to get more info and claim access to them as you need them.

Products from Business Building Shortcuts(Click Product Name
to Order)
Description Product Price
BBS Tutorials Free Bronze membership accessing a variety of step by step tutorials related to your online business. Free
Build a Profitable Business Online Takes you step by step through building your online business (market research, keyword research, lead generation, creating your free giveaway, email management and traffic generation). Online videos show you what to do and how to do it. $235
Basic WordPress Shows you exactly how to create and set up your WordPress blog. $47
(Free this Weekend.)
Choose A Hungry Market Make sure you have a product or service people will pay money for by finding the market and then determining what they want. $97
Instant Video Mastery Use videos for lead generation, sales, customer support and product creation using Camtasia Studio. $347
Demystifying Fan Pages Set up your own Facebook Fan Page for your business and start to benefit from Social Marketing. $47
(Free this Weekend.)
Tracking Productivity Learn the activity and productivity systems that we have found to be the most effective and use them in your business. $147
Frugal Man’s Webinar PowerPoint videos are the way to go for lead generation and sales. Here is how to create a quick and effective webinar using PowerPoint and InstantTeleseminar. $37
(Free this Weekend.)
AR in 1ShoppingCart Here is how to set up your autoresponders in 1ShoppingCart (KickStart Cart) $27
(Free this Weekend.)