Overcoming Product Development Procrastination

calendar150 Overcoming Product Development ProcrastinationIf you have an online business, chances are you are working on a new product to offer to your market. It might be your first product — or maybe your 21st.

It really doesn’t matter how many products you have created already.

Each new offering is a bit like starting over at the beginning.

Maybe you want it to be perfect, and you are looking for that last piece of information to add before you call it done.

Or perhaps you are a perfectionist, and you keep going back and tweaking that ‘last little bit’ …

The procrastination challenge is pretty much the same, no matter if you are creating a physical product, a digital product, or whether your focus is on offering an event like a teleseminar or webinar.

Completion or Scheduling — Which Comes First?

So many of us want to have something totally completed before we schedule it for release. We don’t put our teleseminar on the calendar and start promoting it until we have it all locked down and ready to go.

New product to offer? I’ll bet you probably wait to go public with it until it is 110% done. Until then, you may hint to your list about something coming in the future, but you aren’t really promoting it yet.

Schedule First, then Complete Your Product

One of the fastest and most effective ways to actually complete your product is to have a deadline that you have made public. Sure, you want to be somewhat realistic about that date. Don’t promise something you know you can’t deliver!

Private deadlines written on your business plan just don’t have the oomph! you need to stop creating and start selling. It’s too easy to give yourself permission to wait just a little longer.

When you have a date that you have made public and are actually promoting, it will mean a lot more to you. Your motivation will be much stronger to meet that deadline.

Product Creation Takes As Long As the Time You Have Allotted

It’s a fact. Any assignment will take up as much time as you have available to work on it. This is true for a regular job where you have a boss, or for your own business where you are your own boss.

In fact, it’s worse when you are your own boss. It’s easy to create reasons (excuses) that you believe – after all, you are creating them for yourself!

So do yourself a favor and actually schedule the teleseminar or the product release. Publicize it. Promote it.

Then do whatever it takes to be ready for that date.

If disaster strikes and you just can’t make the deadline, then you can spin that into even more promotion (e.g., “I found these just-released secrets that I had to add, so now the product is even better — worth the delay…”). But don’t plan to do that! Work toward completing it on schedule.

And remember – good enough is good enough. Action beats perfection every time.

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