Product Creation: Make a $47 Video Product in 3 hours or less!

You know you need to create that next product (or maybe the first) for your business, but something is holding you back.

Is it…

  • You don’t feel you have enough time to sit down and create a product?
  • You don’t feel you have enough knowledge that someone would actually give you money on that subject?
  • You’ve created a notion in your mind that product creation is just an overwhelming process?

Well, it’s time to throw all of those excuses out the window. There are many ways to create product easily. we’ll explore one here.

Create an Easy Video Product

It’s time to leverage your time by investing in the software that makes this easy. All you need are 2 pieces of software to make this an easy process…Powerpoint and Camtasia.

Certainly, if you have Microsoft Office on your computer, you have Powerpoint already, and may be already using it for presentations. If not, you can buy it easily online or at your nearby Office Depot…as part of the $100 Microsoft “Home Office”, which includes Word, Excel, One Note (screen capture), and Powerpoint. You’ll be using Powerpoint to turn your Ideas into an organized presentation.

The other tool is Camtasia. This basically is a program that allows you to record anything that’s on your computer screen with audio and save it as a video file on your computer. If you don’t yet have it, it runs approximately $299 for the PC version and $99 for the Mac.  You can get it at the following link.

OK, so how do we create the video product? Follow these steps.

1. Identify something (a process or “how to” info) that you know about in your niche that others would see as valuable.

2. Jot down an Outline of all the Main Points and Subtopics about the subject as they occur to you.

3. Open up Powerpoint and make 1 slide as a Title Page, 1 slide with your Main Points, and individual slides for each of the subtopics…with bullets for the talking points under that topic. Then reposition the slides in their most logical order.

4. Finally, plug in your $20 headset with microphone from Office Depot, open up Camtasia, and record your video as you speak your Powerpoint slides (pausing/correcting along the way, as needed).

Your 1st steps are literally that easy. What makes this such a powerful process is that you are forcing yourself to get started. Throw out perfection…create that outline and just begin speaking.

Why 3 hours? That’s your initial learning curve. After that it gets easier.

Want it Even Easier and Cheaper?

Eliminate steps 3 and 4 above and do the following:

  • After you have your outline, set up a White Board/Easel and your Flip Video or other camera and start filming.
  • Edit segments together for the finished product.

How Can You Learn To Do This Stuff?

If your hangup is on how to create your content in Powerpoint, then you may be interested in our “Frugal Man’s Webinar“ , which is all about combining the magic of Powerpoint presentations with Teleseminars. In this 1 1/2 hours of video are tutorial on how to use Powerpoint.

Also, stay tuned for details about our upcoming comprehensive course that will show you step by step the ins and outs of  creating video with Camtasia.

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