Repurpose Your Copy: 9 Ways to Build Your List

If you are like Deb and me, you have many activities demanding your attention as you build your business. Now, more than ever, you must develop prolific writing strategies if you want to thrive on the Internet.

Why should you be writing on a consistent basis? A big reason is that your writing gives you credibility and exposure…which brings people to your website(s) and helps you in your list building.

An added benefit is that writing is probably the single most compelling method to keep your attention, and creativity, centered at the core of your business.

Think about it. Writing is therapeutic. Once you get into the groove, a voice inside of you emerges that wants to express. Better yet, there are numerous people out there who want to hear what you have to say, especially after you have established yourself as knowledgeable.

Create a Writing Template

Writing takes time. What do you do? You leverage yourself by creating a writing template…a system that you can use over and over again to create informative articles that can be reformatted for other media.

Imagine creating content (say an Article) one time, and then repurposing it into at least 8 additional media types, all of which enhance your exposure and list building.

Additional Ways to Leverage your Article

That same article can be edited, or expanded, into a Blog post, a broadcast Email, or even a Press Release. In addition, it can be distributed via Social Marketing, or Web 2.0 sites, such as Twitter or Facebook. You can even take your article and turn it into a video on YouTube or an audio for a podcast. It can become a Squidoo lens or maybe even the foundation for a give-away product.

What have you created in the process? A high content marketing machine that gets you exposure across different media…with an additional benefit of assisting in your list building efforts fast.

Complementary Template for You

Deb and I want to give you a template that we created to assist you in keeping track of how you are repurposing your writing. Just go to Template for your complementary copy.


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