Set Up Your Systems

icon tree Set Up Your Business SystemsIf you’re running your business based on what’s urgent instead of what’s important, you are headed 180 degrees in the WRONG direction.

Mynders helps business owners implement their high Revenue-generating project potentials that are sitting on the shelf…Projects that could make big $ if only they had the time, money, or expertise to undertake it. In essence, he’s a ‘Project Implementation Specialist.’

What does a typical consulting engagement look like?

The way that Mynders makes the biggest impact to help a Business Owner, is by focusing on the 3 optimum phases of a project.

  1. Defining the Strategy.
  2. Creating a detailed Implementation Plan, specifying the people and operational resources and the timeframe necessary for successful completion.
  3. Sourcing those people and resources…and following thru to a successful and profitable completion.

Typically, here is the Value-added Mynders can bring to your project:

  1. Save you costs on the project because he can source Independent Contractor Staff cheaper.
  2. Overall, the project will be less expensive because he creates a budget, for your approval, rather than submit you to an open checkbook.
  3. He brings the Team which is experienced in the task…and willing to work within a Budget.
  4. He brings his years of consulting and business start-up and ownership skills to the table, creating a unique opportunity for me to impact your business as if it were his own.
  5. As a Strategist, he can help you find your highest and best potentials moving forward; and then create an Implementation Plan to get it done; following through with oversight to completion.
  6. He uses a proprietary system that he developed to track the progress of the project, called the ‘Business Accelerator GPS.’ Mynders developed this technology and offered it first as a course to his advanced students. It is the first all-in-one solution for managing, tracking and growing your business. In essence, it is a ‘GPS system’ to help you run your business from a strategic place.

Initial Consultation:  $100

I am happy to have an initial meeting with you to determine your needs and how I can best help you. Because our process together is very interactive, using tools via a 1:1 virtual meeting, I guarantee you’ll get powerful results. Simply go to the bottom of this page and click on the ‘Find Out More’ button for complete details and to take advantage of this.

One Time Starter Package: $1,000

This is ideal for smaller scope projects, or to test the impact I can have on your business. We’ll identify a specific outcome that you desire and then have three 1:1 sessions (one hour each) via webinar, in which we move you toward that Goal.

Outside of our meetings, I take additional time creating worksheets and processes for you, as well as review the content you are creating along the way (sales copy, websites, etc.) When completed, you have the opportunity to move into one of my other services, if appropriate.

Consulting Retainer Level 1

This program is designed as a consulting/coaching combination package for the express purpose of having one strategist (Mynders) be on top of the Master Plan for your business…and guiding you along the way.

This monthly package includes:

  • one hour long Webinar 1:1 consultation/mo.
  • two Emails with detailed questions/mo.
  • Quick skype questions throughout the month
  • The opportunity to purchase up to one additional hour/month of 1:1 consultation at the discounted rate of $333.

This program is designed as a consulting/coaching combination package for the express purpose of having one strategist (Mynders) be on top of the Master Plan
for your business…and guiding you along the way.

Consulting Retainer Level 2: $2,500/mo

For those with a clear plan in mind but needing me to help with strategy and implementation.

  • Monthly Consulting over the life of a project: $2,500 per month
  • Up to 10 total hours of my time (Web-conference or me preparing processes)
  • Includes: All worksheets and courses

email me to review things
fast track implementation

Strategist (Mynders) and Project Implementer (OBM) combination package: Priced per project

The OBM model:

“Every client needs a Coach/Strategy Consultant to help them gain clarity on their direction and to advise the Business Manager (OBM). The job of the OBM is to take that strategy and action plan and to implement it with the appropriate resources.”

This package is designed to not only help you plan a project, but also to put the people and resources in place to get it done.