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mynders glover Speaking & Webinars

If you’re looking for someone to make a live presentation who brings high content and energy to every presentation, you’ll definitely want Mynders’ programs. He has two signature products to sell from the stage…’Business Accelerator GPS’ (setting up the ultimate system to organize your business) and ‘Product Launch Multiplier’ (making GURU-style product promotions available to the everyday marketer).

Platform Speaker or Preview Webinar…Mynders delivers implementable content, delivered in a high-energy style. His presentations typically lead into a Sales offer involving actionable courses and logical next step upsells, resulting in high affiliate commissions to you.

You can rely on the knowledge that Mynders’ content is fresh and leading-edge…based on his 35 years as an entrepreneur establishing his own businesses, as well as his direct experience as a Launch Manager/Consultant in helping numerous Marketers promote their products. Below is a sampling of his presentations.

Signature Talks and Webinars

Webinar: Actionable content leading to Sale of ‘Business Accelerator GPS’ course

“Stepping onto the Field: The 7 Key Systems to Knock your Online Presence out of the Ballpark!”

Whether you are an offline business looking to market online…or an existing Internet business looking to expand… there are 7 key Systems that you need to have in place for your business to thrive online. This presentation describes each of these 7 Systems in detail and shows you what you need to do to put them into place in your business.

But here’s the key! These Systems can be intertwined, such that if you approach them in combination (rather than independently), your online effectiveness will skyrocket. And Mynders shows you how to develop a ‘Systems’ approach to leveraging your online presence.

Webinar: Actionable content leading to ‘Sale of Business Accelerator GPS’ or ‘Product Launch Multiplier’ courses

‘Google Calendar’ Strategies to Optimize the Marketing of your Next Product

The demands on your time are higher than ever before. This presentation will show you how to build a system around Google Calendar to not only capture your appointments, but also access all of your production & marketing milestones from your current location…and to share the parts of your Plan with only Team members who need to see it.

In this presentation, Mynders uses the example of marketing your next product to show you what’s possible with Google Calendar and use this system in such a way that it could actually guide you to your appropriate next action.

Stage: Actionable marketing promotions content leading to ‘Product Launch Multiplier’ course

The Secret Leverage Method The Gurus Won’t Share That Reduces your Risk and Magnifies your Profits!

Many online Marketers are stuck in that they have a great idea but often feel they lack one or more critical pieces of the equation necessary to push it out to their Audience.

In this presentation ,the audience learns to demistify the launch process and be empowered to understand which of the 7 Launch Models is most appropriate for their circumstances, as well as the proper sequence to release related Products. Bottom-line: The audience learns exactly where to focus their attention to achieve maximum traction among affiliate partners and excitement from their list.