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  1. Peggy Rosenberg

    As always, you make some good points, do so in a clear, concise way, and teach by example! Yes, it is useful, but the power will be in my applying what I have learned, so I need to get going with my focused actions for the day. thanks, P :)

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  2. Mynders

    Peggy, I always appreciate how you take the ball and run with it. The more we apply this principle, the greater all our results will be. Thanks.

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  3. Yvonne A Jones

    Mynders, This was short and to the point, and I really like the acronym and the meaning behind it. I still struggle with outsourcing tasks but recognize that there is tremendous value in doing so to allow for time to focus on ‘strategic elements’ in my business. I’m working on a very focused 2-hour time frame in my online business this afternoon. Thank you.


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  4. Mynders

    Yvonne, that’s great. It’s amazing what we can get done if we focus in spurts, rather than let the hours just run on by.

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  5. Jurgen Wolff

    Very concise description of the essentials, thanks! One strategy I find helpful is deciding the proper frame of mind for each task before starting. If it’s research, “curiosity” can be an asset. If it’s a search for one key bit of information so you can complete your article, curiosity will only lure you into distractions and “determination” would be a better choice.

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  6. Columbia Jones


    Very well said! I like your use of the adjectives to heighten your points. It helps me focus on exactly which area I want to work on first.

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  7. Mynders Glover

    Thanks, Columbia. I’m glad you found it useful.

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  8. Detlev

    Visiting on my iPad
    Pitty the site is not up to serving compatible video.

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