Start an Online Business | How to Make Your Own Website

If you are trying to start an online business, you need an online home. For most online business builders, that means that you will want to learn how to make your own website.

There are a few key things to consider before you start down that path, however. Let’s look at what type of website you will want to create to give your online business the best chance of success.

Websites break down into three broad categories: static websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. Let’s take a look at how these differ.

A Static Website
A static website is built one page at a time using an html editor (software that lets you create a webpage almost like you would use Word to write a letter), and has an array of different web pages linked together. You create a page on your computer and then upload it to your webhost. Then you need to link each page together, so people can move from one page to another as they explore your site. Often this is done through links at the bottom of each page, or through the use of an overview page that provides links to the individual pages.

An E-commerce Site (shopping cart site)

An e-commerce site looks more like a standard shopping center site, with each page featuring a different product, and navigation on the side and top. While it can serve many functions, it is typically provided for online stores that feature a wide variety of highly-related products, such as nutritional supplements, clothing, or athletic equipment. Unless you have purchased an e-commerce solution that is integrated together, you will build each page as you do a static website.

A Blog
A blog is an integrated website-creation option that combines the best of all worlds. WordPress is the most well-known blogging platform, and the most effective way to use WordPress is to get your own domain name and install the free WordPress software on your own webhost. You can use your new blog to simply and easily make your own website, and there is no need for uploading pages, creating links between different areas of your site (WordPress does this automatically), or doing elaborate search engine optimization.

You can use your blog to create sites that look exactly like a site created with an html editor, you can use the standard blog look, or create pretty much anything in between. You can even create an e-commerce site!

If you want to start an online business, and are looking to find out how to make your own website, consider using a blog format. You will find it is easy to use, efficient, and also very affordable. There is no expensive html editor software you need to buy, and you won’t have to hire a web designer to get the look and feel that you want.

For the cost of a domain name (less than $10 a year) and a webhost (less than $10 a month, and you can put many websites and blogs on this same webhost), plus the free WordPress software, you can start an online business. You won’t need to wonder how to make your own website any longer!

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