Starting A Blog Is A Great Way To Increase Your Search Engine Position

Growing your business is all about reaching as many people in your Market as you can. One great way to get your message out is through starting a blog. Organizing your website is difficult, but a blog simplifies the process. It’s fast and easy to publish your information, and you can increase your search engine position, as your content gets recognized so you can be found online.

Deb and I have found that our blog has provided us a voice to share what’s inside us…both with regards to helping our audience better implement what’s next, but also to express what’s up in our lives.

There’s One Clear Choice!

Once you’ve made the decision to blog, the next step is to choose your blogging platform. There are public and paid sites, but an analysis of all them shows that is the clear choice. WordPress won hands-down because it is simple and easy, free to use on your website, and is very frequently crawled by Google and other search engines.

Within WordPress there are two different ways to post content: pages, and posts. Pages are static, stand-alone information that do not include commenting. Pages are helpful for topics like about us, contact us, terms of service, recommended resources, affiliates, etc. Basically anything that functions as content, but wouldn’t require the ability to comment.

Posts are the individual messages and content updates that you create on your site. The most recent posts will be pushed to the front of the site, and commenting is allowed. Each post is seen as a separate page by search engines, so your site will quickly climb to the front of Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines.

WordPress is A Versatile Website and Blogging Platform

WordPress has other very exciting features as well. You can dress up your blog using themes, headers, widgets, and plug-ins. These choices make it possible for you to present your content with the most effective, appropriate, and appealing blog site. When choosing a theme it is important to match your theme to the content you will be providing. For example, a business blog would most likely use a more formal, professional looking theme. All of these tools and options are what sets WordPress apart from any other competitor, and why you should choose WordPress for you blogging needs.

We’ve created for you a free Audio and Action Guide on “Why You Need A WordPress Blog”. To claim them, visit and utilize your free Bronze membership. You’ll find it in the right column, after you register, under ‘WordPress Blogs’. You’ll also get instant access to how-to videos that will save you time and frustration in your list-building efforts and in your online business in general.

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