Starting an Online Business: Collapsing Time

The hardest lesson for so many online entrepreneurs to learn in this process of building a successful online business is that there really is no ‘magic bullet’ out there that will allow them to make money online — lots of money — almost overnight.

We read the sales letters that promise the moon, and we want to believe them, After all, we are bombarded almost hourly with people telling us about the huge profits they are making since they discovered this latest secret to online business building.

When we got serious about starting an online business, we took a lot of courses. Many of them cost $2,000 or more. Some offered great information…others, not so much.

The great majority of them totally skipped over how to set up the foundations of a successful online business. They just assumed that we knew how to do those things,and they jumped right into the fun parts that they were selling.

Sometimes there was a short paragraph that read like this:

Before you start implementing this course, be sure you have selected an appropriate domain name which incorporates your main keywords, and have it hosted on a cPanel server. You should have your autoresponder set up using a landing page with a popover or opt in form, and have created your SEO-optimized blog with an appropriate theme. You’ll want to have a list of about 5,000 to 10,000 or more people in order to get the most from this course. OK, let’s get going!

And I’d be saying to myself, “Hey! Wait a minute! What if I don’t have that in place yet — or what if I don’t ever really understand most of what you just said! I don’t know what I need to do to get that done, and I have no clue even where to start looking!”

And I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one saying these things.

So I started researching. I bought courses (and went through them), watched videos, got on calls, and attended events.

About $17,500 and 9 months later, I made my peace with a critical truth.

97% of All Online Business-Building Strategies Use the Same Basic Foundation

And there really is no ‘magic bullet’ that lets you skip this step and still create a real, legitimate online business.

I could have saved a ton of money, time, false starts and discouragement if I had only known this back when I was starting my online business.

There are so many people who have really great business ideas and a need for more income. But their idea of a fun afternoon does NOT include downloading the latest html editor and figuring out how to do CSS and java. The idea of tackling all of these foreign-sounding tasks seems insurmountable. So they decide maybe an online business really isn’t for them, and they quit – often before they even really get started. It’s sad, and it certainly doesn’t have to happen that way.

The secret here is that almost every online businesses has a basic foundation in common, no matter what products or services you plan to offer, and no matter what business model or marketing strategies you plan to use.

But if you don’t have these basics in place and aren’t doing the critical, yet often routine, things you must do to start and grow your online business, none of the advanced techniques or sexy tools will do a bit of good.

So we created Build a Profitable Business – Idea to Online in 30 Days or Less! to collapse time for others who are struggling with the basics of starting an online business. And for those who may not be really techy, and want to see exactly how to do each step instead of trying to figure it out themselves. And even for those who are pretty good at all of this, but want to focus on getting their business foundation in place fast, so they can spend the bulk of their time doing the things that make money.

And yes, also for those who want the opportunity to ask their specific questions about course material, and have a real person answer them.

For all of these reasons, we are really excited about offering a Live version of the Build a Profitable Business course starting in August. You can join us on a live preview teleseminar on July 30th (this Thursday), Money on Demand, by registering at this link:

If you are already on our list, you don’t have to register again – you’ll receive your personal invitation to the call by email.

We invite you to join us for Build a Profitable Business, so you, too, can collapse time and save money in starting your online business.

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