Starting or Growing an Online Business? Get Your Priorities Straight

So many people are starting an online business these days, and we love seeing that! After all, we know that having an internet business is one of the greatest opportunities available today, and helping others get started online is the focus of our business and our courses.

That said, there is a time for working on your business. And a time for remembering WHY you want to have an online business in the first place.

These last few weeks have been full of my reasons why, and I have been continually pushed to look at my priorities.

Mynders and I got to spend a week with beloved family and friends in MN, and then later to get reacquainted with his college friends from Texas.

As the ad says, Priceless.

Then last week we returned from the Traffic and Conversion Summit in Austin to find that a friend from work had died.

This week has been a celebration of his life, with much laughter and many tears. And a stark reminder that while we certainly have today, we may not have tomorrow.

My learning? That I should strive to make time for who and what I value during each and every day.

It’s all too easy to spend every waking moment working on our businesses. Certainly if you want to have a successful business – online or offline – you must devote time and resources to making it happen. Lots of both.

It seems this is especially true in the early stages of your online business.

But there are ways of automating your business systems, focusing on key activities, and eliminating time-wasters so that you have time to enjoy your life as well.

Now I’m not saying that business-building activities aren’t enjoyable. We love what we do in Business Building Shortcuts, and value them tremendously in our lives, and I hope that you love and value your business as well.

However, I’ll bet there are also many other things in your life that you love (such as people and activities). This is where prioritizing comes into the picture.

I invite you to make a list (we do love lists). Write down the reasons why you decided to create a successful online business. Describe in detail how your life will be different when your business dreams are fulfilled.

Your list might include things like more money, more freedom, time with your children, spouse and other loved ones, having a business you can take with you on the road in your RV, being able to offer more support for a charitable cause, a sense of accomplishment or security, a new home or car…

Your list of reasons why could be endless. And it is these reasons that give you the necessary motivation to work in your business each day. The reasons we don’t just give up when we hit those inevitable roadblocks.

But here’s the thing.

If your list includes items like ‘spend more time with my children’ — look closely at how you can accomplish some of that right now.

It can be all too easy to work on your business all day and all night, and not notice that your kids are right there, waiting to spend time with you now.

It’s all about priorities. And understanding why you want what you want.

And finally, about making at least a bit of time on a regular basis to enjoy what you already have.

You’ll be amazed at how getting your priorities straight will motivate you and help you make the time for starting or growing your online business… and will remind you to enjoy your life today.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Moreen Torpy

    You are soooo right, Deb. Prioritize the most important people in life first, then business. The people sometimes aren’t around when we most need and want them to be.

    thanks for the reminder.

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