Stay Up-to-Date in Your Market Automatically

There are certain pieces of critical information you will want to be constantly researching in your market.

  • Identifying the newest and most popular topics.
  • Determining what your competitors talking about and promoting.
  • How about the leaders in your market or niche? What are they saying and doing?
  • Is anyone talking about you, your site or your product? If so, don’t you want to know immediately what they are saying?
  • Are there any market trends you need to monitor? Of course!

All of these are key items to track, and you probably can add even more niche-specific information to your list.

If you have to go check these out every day ‘by hand’ you are spending too much time that you could be using to move your business forward. And if you don’t have time to check these types of information, then you could be missing huge opportunities!

Here’s a quick way to set up automatic systems that will monitor these various pieces of information for you, and deliver timely updates to your niche-specific email and RSS reader.

Then you just do a quick scan once or twice a day, and you have the information you need. Quick, easy, efficient.

Here’s how to set up Google News Alerts, RSS feeds and Twitter search RSS feeds and send them to your targeted email and RSS reader account.

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