One Hour Strategy Session

What if, in one hour, you could laser focus your business around your single biggest revenue-producing opportunity?

All of my consulting work begins with an initial strategy session, via screenshare webinar, to focus upon the most focused opportunity you face.

I am somewhat unique, in that my process is a combination of Consulting and Coaching. Consulting from the vantage point that I utilize processes and workforms to analyze the needs and present solutions. I’m a Coach from the standpoint that in our call(s) together, I’ll bring forth all of my accumulated knowledge in the internet marketing and product launch fields, as well as my expertise as a 9-time business start-up entrpreneur, CPA/MBA…and more.

My hourly rates begin at $350/hour…but, I am making this initial consultation session available to you at a discounted price of $100. In this consult, I’ll give you maximum value to flesh out potentials on your biggest opportunity…bringing all of my experience to bear.

1 Hour Consultation fee: $100

In your webinar, we’ll cover whatever aspect of your business you want…from setting up efficient business systems to an upcoming product launch…and anything in between.

To help you in that session, I need input from you—so I’m asking you to answer a few quick questions so that we can optimize our hour-long consultation session. Of course, everything you tell me will be completely confidential.

So, here are the steps:

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