Swipe Files – Leveraged Internet Marketing Strategies For Business Writing, Part 2

swipefiles2 150x150 Swipe Files   Leveraged Internet Marketing Strategies For Business Writing, Part 2In the last post, we began an exploration of the leverage power of swipe files and how  they can accelerate your copy writing and idea generation.

Here are some examples of swipe file categories and how you might use them.

Email campaign swipe files. This is where you join the email list of a competitor, or someone whose system you want to follow. The purpose is to study the sequence of emails they send to their list. How often do they send emails? What is the interval between writings? Does the voice of the email change when an offer is being made? These are all aspects from which you can learn.

Web pages, Sales pages, Opt-in pages. If you save to your hard drive these pages of the marketers in your niche who are successful, you are gathering good ideas for your own copywriting. Load the most successful of these pages into your HTML editor and then modify it for your message and style. This creates a highly leveraged internet marketing solution. Never start from scratch. That’s re-inventing the wheel. And never plagiarize.

Headlines, Transition phrases, Power words. If something catches your eye, it will probably be attractive to your audience as well. It’s all in taking the time to setup an efficient system to store, and later find these, on your hard drive.

Resources you may want to utilize in the future. Examples are training courses you may want to take, free offers for downloads, or membership trial offers

Sales Process flow. Setup a folder on your hard drive under the name of a leader in your niche. Then, as you find examples of their content on the internet…sales letters, courses, webpages…save those pages under that folder. Then, when you’re ready, go back to the folder and study your competitor’s copy. This will help you formulate your own strategies.

As soon as you begin putting these tools to use, you’ll be amazed at the time you save as you continue to fine-tune your personal strategies.

And now I’d like to invite you to go to http://BusinessBuildingShortcuts.com/SwipeFileShortcuts.htm where you can pick up an audio and Action Guide packed full of specific tools to help you collect and use Swipe Files to reduce your writing time while increasing its effectiveness.

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  1. rosie

    I am doing this for sales letters but not for email campaigns. Wow, this is a powerful time saver and jumpstart for creative production.
    Thanks so much for sharing

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  2. Kathryn Griffiths

    I started putting together “swipe file” folders together some years ago… they have always come in handy. I’ve been amazed how online market changes so quickly. For instant, Sales letter formats have changed dramatically in that period of time. I frequently go through my files and eliminate those items that no longer apply.

    However, some things never change. A great headline used 50 years ago still has the same impact today. I love that…because my file just gets longer and longer.

    I’ve never felt comfortable about swiping someones sales page and editing it in my html editor. I know it’s done… but it seems a little gray hat to me. I like your “Sales Flow Process” better.

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  3. Janet Eisenbise

    A few years ago I took a course offered by American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) and one of the first assignments was to create swipe files from direct mail copy writing samples. I had not thought of creating files for the same purposes in my computer. It makes sense to me to help gain a sense of flow in writing content, and to streamline the process.
    I am very cautious however about the HTML editing of someone else’s work. It seems to me uncomfortably close to plagiarism.

    Very useful post.

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