Segment Your List & Maximize Your Profits

Whether you are using an online system such as an autoresponder to manage your list, or just keep names in an Excel spreadsheet, don’t just settle for a clump of names. If you build your list through a number of avenues, and maybe through different specific interests related to your market, you want to know what those specific interests are! And you want to use that information to target your marketing and content delivery.

Let’s look at an example (you’ll want to substitute details from your market as you read on):

Jane has a travel-related site that focuses on promoting the island of Roatan. She uses a variety of methods such as writing articles, Google Adwords, social networking, and participating in related forums) to drive traffic to her optin pages. She has a number of targeted sub-markets:

  1. Scuba divers. Her marketing links to an optin page that offers a special report detailing the 10 best scuba diving spots.
  2. Fishermen. Provides links to an optin page leading to a video showing a 15 minute segment of a bonefishing trip, highlighting the landing of a huge bonefish; Plus a report on the 3 best bonefishing guide shops.
  3. Romance. Here the link is to an optin page that offers a short report of the most romantic spots to stay, the best ocean-view restaurants, and so on.

You get the picture, right?

Did you notice how she sends prospects to a very specific page that speaks directly to their interest? How she offers a bonus for opting in to her list that is precisely of interest to them?

Don’t waste this valuable interest-related information by lumping these three groups all in one list!

Segment Your List and Presto! Marketing Magic

Instead, segment your list. Indicate which area of interest brought each person to your list.

This way you can send occasional diving reports and some online underwater dive videos to list #1.

You can send a sequence of bonefishing tips and recipes to the people on list #2. Or an announcement of a new bonefishing tour company that is having a big grand opening sale.

And to list #3? Are there new amazing restaurants? Special honeymoon packages?

Finally, you can send general marketing info about Roatan to people on all three lists. Information such as the best airline to fly, island transportation information, and so on.

Now you are providing each person on your list with information that is of huge value and interest.

Results? Better service to your prospect. More profits for you.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to rewrite your autoresponder optin code to automatically subscribe people to your main autoresponder when they opt in on your targeted interest (special offer) form.

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