Use Targeted Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Optin Page

We hope your mind is spinning with new ideas about how you will be able to drive traffic to your optin page. And we hope even more that you are taking some action and putting some of these ideas into place already.

You’ll want to get to know and love keywords and keyword phrases. They are a huge part of most everything you will do on the internet, including driving traffic to your site.

For our purposes, keywords are those terms people type into search engines when they are looking for some information, products or services on the internet.

You want to figure out what keywords people use when they are in the market for products and services like yours, and use those in your marketing. The more, the merrier, so long as they are targeted to your products.

But just what does this look like? What questions should you ask yourself when you go out to find those perfect keywords to use in your domain name, your headlines, your body copy, and the title of your free giveaway?

Here is Mynders showing you an example of just how you might go about finding the ideal keywords to drive targeted traffic from a variety of sub-niches and related markets to your optin page.


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  1. annieblawrence

    Key words are a great way to optimize your website and get the customers you want. Great post. Looking forward to your post. I am a part of the #blog30 30 day challenge.

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