When Online Technology Doesn’t Work

computersmash 150x150 When Online Technology Doesnt Work

Arggh! Why does online technology work fine one day, and then not work at ALL the next? I just don’t get it.

I’ve been working on setting up our new site for days, and for some reason, the plugins aren’t playing nicely together at all. Post snippets are showing the html code for the audio players, the page I want to appear after you log in won’t show up, and the header and sidebars disappear on just a few pages, but not all of them. (Can you hear me fuming?)

Now this isn’t new stuff for me. I am using the exact same themes, plugins, widgets and software I have used on four other sites. All those other sites work just fine.

This one? Not so much.

I’ve tried turning things on and then off, switching themes, trashing plugins. I’ve posted my questions and the results of my efforts (and lack thereof) on forums everywhere I could think of, and still don’t have any solutions.

I have spent at least 11 hours on this now, and I’ve about had it! What I really want to do is just pick up my computer and launch it out the window.

I know there is a solution, but WHAT that solution is happens to be eluding me in this moment.

I’m ready to give up. Uncle! Uncle!

Instead, I guess I’ll just reboot my computer, take a walk in the sunshine, and hope that the online fairies can overpower the online gremlins that seem to have infected my new site.

Maybe when I return from my walk I’ll have a new perspective and will figure out that one obscure setting that makes it all work again. Or perhaps some wonderful forum person will have had the same issues and will post the perfect solution.

One thing I know for sure, though, is that I’m stuck here until I get this figured out. There is no moving forward on this project until the solution appears. This type of thing just sucks all the fun out of having an online business.

Does this sound familiar? Has it ever stopped your forward progress in its tracks?

Well, Mynders & I want to make sure this never happens to you again. Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in a week or two.

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