Teleseminars: They’re NOT Just for Online Businesses!

The current economic climate has everyone looking for new ways to build customer loyalty, get new customers, and keep them all coming back.

Teleseminars are a phenomenal tool to accomplish all of these objectives, and more.

A friend of mine is a chiropractor, and the other day we were chatting about business-building and business-keeping. I mentioned that she might consider doing regular teleseminars for her clients and prospects.

She was intrigued, but not convinced.

She saw her business as a hands-on-in-the-office type of business. Not something she could build or support on a phone.

But then we started brainstorming.

Here are some of the great ideas she discovered that she can offer via teleseminars, both to attract new customers as well as to keep her current ones. And provide them all with huge value.

Potential Chiropractic Teleseminar Topics:

  • Understanding your skeletal and nervous systems to get maximum energy.
  • Low impact injuries and how they can affect you long-term – and what to do if you get one.
  • How to recognize when you need a chiropractic visit.
  • Exercises you can do to reduce lower back pain (complete with a downloadable pdf of pictures of the exercises and a YouTube video demonstration).
  • Forward Head Posture, how to recognize it, and why you need to address it.
  • Computer use and how to avoid the chronic injury and pain it often creates.
  • Nutritional support that pays big dividends for your spinal health.
  • Don’t have health insurance? How a Chiropractor can help you stay healthy.
  • Flu or a cold? Yes, a chiropractor can help!
  • Three activities that will keep you going until you are 101!
  • The best foods to eat to promote joint health.
  • Pain Management: Taking the bite out of your chronic pain.

The list goes on and on, but you get the picture. Most people who have service-related businesses could probably come up with a similar list of topics.

Holding a regular teleseminar – even if it is just a half hour chat – can provide a valuable service to your clients. And the word will spread. And new clients will start appearing at your doorstep!

Are you looking for new ways to market YOUR business and better serve your customers and clients? Consider including teleseminars in your marketing and service mix, and plan to be amazed.

And you can shorten your learning curve and get your teleseminars right the first time (and every time). We highly recommend Kathleen Gage’s Street Smarts Marketing Teleseminars for Money Home Study Course (we took it as a live course, and it was great! She has updated it since then for her homestudy course) and we use Instant Teleseminar for our teleseminars.

Links to both of these business-building products are also available on our ‘Resources for You‘ page (click the text link or see the page link in the sidebar to the left).

Do yourself and your business a huge favor and check out how you can use teleseminars to make 2009 your best year ever!

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