"Mynders has a great mind and thinks through processes in ways that very few others do."

Don Crowther
DonCrowther Testimonials

"I can't give a higher recommendation."

Mars Burden

"He helps you to feel in control of the whole process."

Jurgen Wolff
JurgenWolff Testimonials

"Mynders, without you, my Launch would not have been successful!"

Don Crowther
DonCrowther Testimonials

"Saves Time and Time is Money!"

"I think that soon I will have a full understanding on how to use these systems for my internet marketing purposes. Of course, the best part is that I can go to the website and review segments on topics that I am having challenges with. This will save me time and time is money. I will use this info and website for many projects. Thanks for doing such a great job."

Beth HawkinsBethHawkins.com
BethHawkins Testimonials

"It’s obvious that you sincerely love what you’re doing! Your personality and genuine excitement about teaching Camtasia to others that shows us that the wizard behind the curtain is having a lot of fun adds a uniquely personal touch to each lesson! Course attendees, regardless of their skill level, will learn something that they didn’t know before. "

Bill Freeman

"Easy To Follow!"

"The content of Mynders’ webinars was organized in a manner that made them easy to follow. The most valuable idea I received from these sessions is how to include content I’ve already created into my product. I would recommend this course to others."

Bill Van Hoy
BillVanHoy Testimonials

"I am so impressed with your course and both of you! I market devices that help home and business owners easily save on their electric bills. I'm a beginner at setting up an internet marketing presence, and your course is so easy to follow, step by step. You have taken a lot that was a mystery to me and showed me exactly how to integrate various tools to create and get traffic to my website.

"Your Q&A sessions have been very valuable. I am amazed at how much you both give of yourselves and your knowledge. You are models of how to provide value and service while making me feel like you've been friends for years. Thank you!"

Brooke GrahamNevada City, CA

"If You Are Considering a Class, Don’t Think Twice – You Won’t Be Disappointed!"

"I have taken two classes with Mynders recently. In both classes he over-delivered, was always available for questions and was well-prepared. He gave tons of information and went the extra mile based on the classes questions and requests. He did whatever needed to be done to help us understand the contents better. I don’t know how to say it better, but to me GREAT is the highest mark one can receive from me. You’ll be shocked at the amount of content and support you will receive. You’ll be glad you locked arms with Mynders."

Carol Giambri
CarolGiambri Testimonials

"This course has saved me a ton of time and money."

"I want to thank you so much for making this course available to me. The information in it is fabulous! I loved the course. I learned so much, and so much faster than I would have on my own."

Cathy Demers
CathyDemers Testimonials

“I want to tell you how amazed I was and continue to be at the wealth of content in this course. It is deceptively simple in the outline, but there is so much packed into it.

"Despite the depth and breadth of the content, it was very simple to go step by step and set up each element before pulling it all together and going live. Alas, I fear I was like the owl in the old ‘how many licks to the center of a TootsieRollPop’ commercials…after a few licks, I crunched right into the gooey center. But by going back now and doing the last steps, I know how to take what I’ve done and make it better!

"Thank you so much, not only for this course, but for the ongoing conversation and added value I continue to receive via email.”

Cheri MerzSeek Biz Success
CheriMerz Testimonials

"I bought your Instant Video Mastery training on Camtasia and am very excited to have an instructor hold my hand while learning how to use Camtasia, as well as showing me what marketing angles can be exploited through the videos that Camtasia can create.

"Before I left recently on a long 'Road Trip,' I downloaded a ton of audios from your BBS site, and they amounted to almost a third of what I listened to that trip. Through those audios, I got acquainted with you and your teaching. I was impressed with how easy to understand you make difficult processes. Kudos to you both!"

Dale Walker

"This is a great program and I am thrilled to be part of it. Now I need to stop having so many ideas about the videos I could create and get down to actually producing them! The encouragement and help to succeed that you provide and the ability to keep going back to the course information has been the most valuable to me."

Gillian Lancaster

"Can’t Wait to Apply What I’ve Learned!"

"It is very helpful to hear the different ways to do things and why you do it the way you do. I am learning so much! Thank you for putting this great course together!! And so many valuable bonuses, too, wow! I can’t wait to go apply what I have just learned."

Helen Raptopolous
HelenRaptopolous Testimonials

"Inspired to Implement Systems!"

"I wanted to reiterate to you how much I enjoy and resonate with your materials, marketing messages and teleclasses! Your authenticity is very powerful and there’s just something about ‘genuine’ folks that inspires me!I LOVE the manner in which you have ‘broken it down into bite sized steps’ which is perfect for me and I’m certain many others.The prospect of looking at a huge print system just makes me want to pull my hair out, LOL. And I know I would NEVER be inspired to implement such a system – way too overwhelming for me!"

Janet Anderton
JanetAnderton Testimonials

“Mynders Glover has been an invaluable coach to work with! His insights, expertise, guidance, and overall mentorship have allowed us to get better clarity and focus on our business growth and development strategies. He also has a very compassionate and helpful demeanor that has made the coaching process ideal. We look forward to continuing to work with Mynders so that we can maximize our business success.”

Drs. Jeff & Brian Haigwww.StrategicCollegeConsulting.com

"You’re a ‘Big Picture’ Guy!"

"I must say, before the recent Live Mastermind, all I knew about you was that you were a nice guy. I'm so impressed at how you were able to attend to all the details, summarize the 'big picture' stuff during the two days, keep us on track, and be so eager to accommodate.I think you’re brilliant and I’m now going to make sure I open your emails!"

Joan Stewart
JoanStewart Testimonials

“You will feel confident in building your online business with Mynders!"

"My experience with Mynders is that he delivers beyond expectation. His ability to simplify information that baffles most people using the Internet makes it possible for virtually anyone to feel confident with the various forms of technology it takes to build an online business."

Kathleen GageThe Street Smarts Marketer™
KathleenGage Testimonials

"Not knowing what I was doing, or going in the beginning, I most likely wasted a lot of money on tutorials and tools that I didn't really need. I am so glad that I found you. Every tutorial and email that I have gotten from you has moved me along faster and with greater understanding, than all that I had done before you."

Lonnie Smith
LonnieSmith Testimonials

“You Are An Inspiration!"

"Checking in to say I am holding your kite string as you expand your work. Woooo-whooooo!

"You are an inspiration for me as I do my best to open a generous financial flow and make friends with marketing and promotion in a way that jives with who I am.”

Rhonda Hull
RhondaHull Testimonials

"I just want to say thank you for your content."

"Thank you for being the leaders who teach the 'basics' that we need to get started. So many others offer material that puts the 'cart before the horse.' This has boosted my confidence level for building my list and creating/promoting products. Blessings to you both!"

Susan Hampton
SusanHampton Testimonials