The Highest Compliment

amabassador4 150x150 The Highest ComplimentIt’s better to give than to receive. We’ve all heard the expression…the truth is that the more we share with others, the more we receive in return,

A little over a year ago, Mynders and I decided to take a strategic step toward the growth of our online business. We joined Armand Morin’s AM2 Coaching program.

After jumping around and grabbing great content here, there, and everywhere, we felt we needed a home room, so to speak…a place we could go at the end of the day and have familiar faces and consistent methods to build our business. (I do work in the School system in my JOB, after all.)

Better Your Best

Last spring, we decided to take the highest challenge that AM2 coaching provides, so we enrolled in the Better Your Best contest…which is all about improving one’s performance over year earlier results. It was certainly a challenging process, both emotionally and work-wise, requiring frequent postings to an online journal, documenting results for judges, etc.

The culmination of the contest takes place next week in Las Vegas at the Big Seminar. We are so excited because we have been chosen to be finalists in the Contest. On Friday, November 5th, I will represent us on stage for the last, yet most critical piece…a 4 minute presentation on why we would make good Ambassadors for AM2 over the next year.

The Contest is so much more than the chance to win a prize. It has been the opportunity to get clear on what we have to offer to our Internet community. As far as we’re concerned, simply being invited into the finals is the highest compliment. And, along the way, it has given us an opportunity to discover greater ways to make a difference.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Janet

    Hi Deb and Mynders,
    Congratulations on making it into the finals! I appreciate how much work has gone into making this happen. I am rooting for you and I am sure others who follow you are, too. You both do such great work and contribute so much to others. I certainly place my vote for you and hope the judges agree!
    Best Wishes,

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  2. Mynders

    Thanks, Janet, for those kind words. We’re excited, and nervous, too as the big date approaches.

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  3. Jeanne Kolenda

    Congratulations to both of you! I cannot come to Vegas but I want a text message or an email the first free moment you have when the winner is announced. You are among the elite for sure. But more than being elite teachers and internet marketing gurus, you have become special friends. That is priceless! Y’All ROCK!

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  4. Mynders

    Jeanne, you’re a dear friend. We’ll email you for sure to let you know the results on Saturday. Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

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  5. Jonathan Drake

    Glad to know that you are in this position. 90% of what they are going to be looking for is someone who believes not only in themselves but those that are coming next. The way to win is to give the talk as though you have already won and it is a formality for the talk to take place.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of not only Friday but of the next year.

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  6. Mynders

    Thanks, Jonathan. I’ve discovered that you have an amazing ability to condense an idea into a core nugget of wisdom. We’ve gotten several valuable ideas from you for this Big Seminar. We’re excited about the presentation…and nervous at the same time.

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