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Featured Training – Product Launch Multiplier

product launch multiplier 278x300 Training

Finally, Product Launches for the Everyday Marketer!

Every product promotion you do is a Product Launch. At last, there’s a course to make the detailed methods, previously available only to the Internet Gurus, available to everyone!

In this comprehensive course by Launch Manager, Mynders Glover, you will learn all seven Launch Models from which to choose…and the systematic approach to launch more products in less time for greater profits.

Business Accelerator GPS

business accelerator gps 278x300 Training

Introducing…The First ‘All-In-One’ Solution for Managing, Tracking, and Growing Your Business

Here’s your opportunity to benefit from my 30+ years of developing systems for businesses. In the Business Accelerator GPS program, you’ll identify what’s most important right now in your business, implement a plan to get it done, and set up a system to track your results.

As a result, you’ll have an integrated System in place through which to run any project, creating greater profitability and life-balance, as you get more done in less time.


“You will feel confident in building your online business with Mynders!"

"My experience with Mynders is that he delivers beyond expectation. His ability to simplify information that baffles most people using the Internet makes it possible for virtually anyone to feel confident with the various forms of technology it takes to build an online business."

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer™
KathleenGage Training

“I want to tell you how amazed I was and continue to be at the wealth of content in this course. It is deceptively simple in the outline, but there is so much packed into it.

"Despite the depth and breadth of the content, it was very simple to go step by step and set up each element before pulling it all together and going live. Alas, I fear I was like the owl in the old ‘how many licks to the center of a TootsieRollPop’ commercials…after a few licks, I crunched right into the gooey center. But by going back now and doing the last steps, I know how to take what I’ve done and make it better!

"Thank you so much, not only for this course, but for the ongoing conversation and added value I continue to receive via email.”

Cheri Merz
Seek Biz Success
CheriMerz Training

"I am so impressed with your course and both of you! I market devices that help home and business owners easily save on their electric bills. I'm a beginner at setting up an internet marketing presence, and your course is so easy to follow, step by step. You have taken a lot that was a mystery to me and showed me exactly how to integrate various tools to create and get traffic to my website.

"Your Q&A sessions have been very valuable. I am amazed at how much you both give of yourselves and your knowledge. You are models of how to provide value and service while making me feel like you've been friends for years. Thank you!"

Brooke Graham
Nevada City, CA

“You Are An Inspiration!"

"Checking in to say I am holding your kite string as you expand your work. Woooo-whooooo!

"You are an inspiration for me as I do my best to open a generous financial flow and make friends with marketing and promotion in a way that jives with who I am.”

Rhonda Hull
RhondaHull Training