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Featured Training – Product Launch Multiplier

product launch multiplier 278x300 Training

Finally, Product Launches for the Everyday Marketer!

Every product promotion you do is a Product Launch. At last, there’s a course to make the detailed methods, previously available only to the Internet Gurus, available to everyone!

In this comprehensive course by Launch Manager, Mynders Glover, you will learn all seven Launch Models from which to choose…and the systematic approach to launch more products in less time for greater profits.

Business Accelerator GPS

business accelerator gps 278x300 Training

Introducing…The First ‘All-In-One’ Solution for Managing, Tracking, and Growing Your Business

Here’s your opportunity to benefit from my 30+ years of developing systems for businesses. In the Business Accelerator GPS program, you’ll identify what’s most important right now in your business, implement a plan to get it done, and set up a system to track your results.

As a result, you’ll have an integrated System in place through which to run any project, creating greater profitability and life-balance, as you get more done in less time.


"Inspired to Implement Systems!"

"I wanted to reiterate to you how much I enjoy and resonate with your materials, marketing messages and teleclasses! Your authenticity is very powerful and there’s just something about ‘genuine’ folks that inspires me!I LOVE the manner in which you have ‘broken it down into bite sized steps’ which is perfect for me and I’m certain many others.The prospect of looking at a huge print system just makes me want to pull my hair out, LOL. And I know I would NEVER be inspired to implement such a system – way too overwhelming for me!"

Janet Anderton
JanetAnderton Training

"It’s obvious that you sincerely love what you’re doing! Your personality and genuine excitement about teaching Camtasia to others that shows us that the wizard behind the curtain is having a lot of fun adds a uniquely personal touch to each lesson! Course attendees, regardless of their skill level, will learn something that they didn’t know before. "

Bill Freeman

"This is a great program and I am thrilled to be part of it. Now I need to stop having so many ideas about the videos I could create and get down to actually producing them! The encouragement and help to succeed that you provide and the ability to keep going back to the course information has been the most valuable to me."

Gillian Lancaster

"This course has saved me a ton of time and money."

"I want to thank you so much for making this course available to me. The information in it is fabulous! I loved the course. I learned so much, and so much faster than I would have on my own."

Cathy Demers
CathyDemers Training