Use Twitter To Leverage Your Opt-In Page and For List-Building

twitterbutton1 Use Twitter To Leverage Your Opt In Page and For List BuildingChances are very good that if you are online, you have a Twitter account. While most people use Twitter for personal interaction, it is growing in popularity for business and marketing as well.

However, if you want to use Twitter for your business, you must follow social marketing conventions and do it the right way.

Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Opt-In Page

Twitter, like most social networking sites, is about building relationships. It is not about bombarding people with sales pitches, one 140 character Tweet after another. If you do that, you’ll soon find your Twitter followers unfollowing you in droves.

So how can you use Twitter to build your list?

First, create relationships with your followers. Tweet good information to them that they will enjoy, and that doesn’t involve them taking out their credit cards.

Tweet a bit about yourself, too. Remember, though, that any information you put out on the internet has a very long life-span, so only Tweet information you intend to share with everyone in the world. Now that Google includes Tweets in its search results, even people who aren’t following you can see what you have to share.

You’ll want to leverage that search engine juice, too, when you do make business-related Tweets. Include keywords that are currently popular and related to your business. Share interesting tidbits and invite people back to your blog.

Offer a content-rich special report free to your Twitter followers (we all love to be special), and then when they come to your download page or blog, invite (not force) them to opt in to your list.

Use a reasonable combination of business-related Tweets that contain offers you are making, Tweets that share free and interesting business-related information, and personal Tweets.

Remember that you should also reply to anyone who Tweets you, or includes you in a Tweet. Twitter is a conversation that takes place 140 characters at a time.

An Interesting and Current Twitter Profile Can Build Your List

Another way to leverage Twitter in building your list is to update your Twitter profile frequently.

Log in to your Twitter account, select Settings, and then Profile. You will see a Web text box under the Profile tab. Change the URL every few weeks, and have it correspond to what you are currently promoting and Tweeting.

When interested people read your Tweets, and they will often visit your Twitter profile to learn more about you and about your business. If your current opt-in page or product site is listed in your profile, and it is related to why they visited your Twitter page, they are likely to click on the link and actually visit the site.

And on that site, be sure you have an opt-in form so your new visitors can join your list.

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