Two Alternate Ways to Upload Files to Ezs3

The internal upload function in Ezs3 is temporarily unavailable, but this doesn’t have to slow you down in your use of Amazon S3 or Ezs3 to store your files and create your cool players.

Here is a 10 minute video showing you how to use two alternate methods to get your files up onto your Ezs3 account in a jiffy. I tested both of these methods using Windows XP and Windows 7, as well as on my Mac (running Snow Leopard).

The only thing was I couldn’t get to play nicely on my Mac was the drag and drop box using S3 Fox. It just wouldn’t open. But it really didn’t matter, since the Tools – S3 Organizer option worked like a charm.

Uploading pdf files with either option broke the pdf files, so just create a folder on your computer and put pdf files there to upload as soon as the internal Upload button is available again.

To see one more option – my favorite – here is a post on the CloudBerry Explorer.

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  1. Andy, CloudBerry Lab

    Every Amazon S3 related blog gives you an impression that there is only one Amazon S3 client available – S3 fox. However there are many more freeware clients which are much superior. For instance, S3HUB for Mac ( and CloudBerry Explorer for Windows ( .

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    1. Deb

      You are so right. As you are from CloudBerry Lab, can you point me at some videos or training on how to use CloudBerry? And thanks for the additional Mac option, too. Always on the lookout for good Mac ideas.

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    1. Deb

      Hi Andy,
      I went and did some checking at CloudBerryLab, and found out that I had never really looked at CloudBerry Explorer! Somehow I had it confused with CloudFront (which maybe I also need to spend some time with!), so I thank you for calling it to my attention. I downloaded it, tested it, and loved it! I did a quick video on using it for my group, and it will be posted yet today. I’m sure I’ve seen only a few of the things it can do, yet it does everything I need in a quick and easy to use manner.

      Gotta say, you CloudBerryLab people offer fast support! Thanks,

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  2. Rob Metras

    Love my s3 fox on my Mac. Also use Mike Stewarts S3 Player setup and find it useful. Thanks for the finds

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