Use Guest Bloggers to Increase Visitors and Comments

Thanks to all of you who joined us when we hosted Guest Blogger Kathleen Gage here on our blog. We had fun, and we learned a lot, too.

We had 15 people (other than Kathleen or us) comment on our blog for a total of 26 comments, and had 27 Tweets and Retweets. This is the highest number of comments we have had on any individual blog post so far, so we are excited about the results.

We also got some great feedback from you, telling us that you enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the guest blogger Q&A session.

Using Guest Bloggers on Your Blog

There are many people out there in your market who would enjoy the opportunity to be a guest on your blog – you just have to ask them! You can suggest a topic for the blog post, or let them give you some ideas and then you select the best one for your audience.

Be A Guest on Someone Else’s Blog

You, too, can be a guest blogger!

In fact, there are many blogs that include posts from others in their market on a regular basis. Just be sure that you are guesting on a legitimate blog, and not on a blog that does nothing but scrape from other blogs and offers nothing unique or original to its readers.

Benefits to the Blog Host

One of the reasons you might want to have a guest blogger on your blog is that your guest will let their list and readers know that they will be appearing on your blog. This will likely bring additional readers from their list to your blog, and some will like what they see and become regular visitors and may even join your list.

You will have new and valuable content to offer your loyal readers, and that’s always a good thing! But be sure that your guest blogger is posting information of value to your readers.

Benefits to the Guest Blogger

Appearing on another blog in your niche gives you more visibility in your market, the chance to meet others who are interested in your topics, and increases your position of authority.

When people read your blog post, if you have a dynamite post full of powerful and useful information, they will get to experience what you have to offer. Invite them back to your blog in your resource box / signature on the blog post. It’ll help grow your list with people who are already pre-sold on you and your ideas.

Again, thanks for being a part of our first experience with a Guest Blogger!

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Helen Raptoplous

    I love this idea, it is great! It was wonderful to see it in action with Kathleen Gage, I just loved how that all worked out and the numbers were awesome! I’d love to talk with you about being a guest blogger on my blog? I’d like to implement that idea. How often do you think this should be done? I was thinking once or twice a month, what are your thoughts?


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  2. Mynders

    Helen, either Deb or I would love to be a guest blogger on your Blog. You know we have lots to say. :)

    With regards to frequency…here are my suggestions. 1) I think the best way is to do guest blogging as part of a product launch…going to Affiliates’ blogs to stir up interest. 2) I’d also use it if I were doing a special preview call for my product with a specific affiliate with a large list.

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