Use Multiple Landing Pages: Learning from Fishing

multiple landing pages Use Multiple Landing Pages: Learning from FishingMynders and I just returned from a family reunion in ND and MN, and a big part of the trip involved lake fishing. As I sat on the dock and watched my line for any action, it occurred to me that starting an online business, building a list, or introducing a new product to the market is a lot like fishing.

When you go fishing, your goal is to catch fish, right? Just like list-building, where your goal is to catch subscribers. And the hooks and bait? Those are your landing pages, opt-in forms and free thank you gifts.

When we went out for a day on the lake, we didn’t just drop an empty hook into the water and hope it caught on a fin or something as a fish swam past. No! We put some bait on the hook, or we used lures to attract fish.

And we didn’t put just one hook into the water. We had many fishing lines in the lake, and each offered something a bit different. We had hooks with worms, some with leeches, and some with minnows. We used smelt and powerbait on other hooks.

Some of our lines just sat quietly in the water. And while those enticed one type of fish, we put flashy lures on other lines and trolled the lake or casted them over and over into the water, hoping to get a fish’s attention.

The result? We caught a lot more fish with multiple lines and different types of bait than we would have if we had used just one line at a time, or multiple lines with the same type of bait.

The same is true for list-building.

You want to have multiple landing pages out there in the waters of the internet, each offering a different bait or ethical bribe to get people to bite on your offer. To subscribe to your list, or buy your product.

You’ll want to do a bit of research first to see what types of information or products are of interest, just like fishermen (and women) check to see what the fish are biting on this season.

Then you write your landing pages and offer a relevant and valuable free gift (select a bait or lure and attach it to your line). And you make your landing pages live on the internet (throw them into the water) for people to find.

When I think about list-building this way, the reasons for using multiple, targeted landing pages is so very obvious.

And unlike fishing, there are no restrictions to the number of lines you can have in the water at any time, what bait you can use, or the number of fish you can catch each day.

You are limited only by the speed of your research, the accuracy of your targeted offers, and how fast you can create your landing pages and get them live on the internet.

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And yes, that’s me with a fish on the line!

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