Useful Twitter Tools: Are You Reaching Your Twitter Follow Limit?

Are you reaching that 2,000 follow limit on Twitter yet? And do you have almost 2,000 Tweeple following you? Or maybe far fewer…

As Twitter matures, they have had to set limits on following and followers. One such limit is the 2,000 followed rule. And I quote from the Twitter Support area:

We do not limit the number of people who can follow you, but we have put limits in place to stop people from aggressively following others. Everyone is allowed to follow 2000 people. After that, follow limits are based on the number of people who are following you.

If you are running into this ceiling, you will have to unfollow people until the number of your followers more closely aligns with the number of people you are following.

A really easy website to use to manage all of this is

When you log in to this site, you are required to give your Twitter login information and an account is created under your Twitter login. Once you create your account, you can check the following with a click of the ‘Whack!’ button:

  • A list of those whom you are following that are also following you.
  • A list of who is following you, but you are not following them.
  • Most importantly for the trimming of your follow numbers, a list of who you are following, but who are not following you back.

You can sort them in a variety of ways, the most useful here being the setting ‘Showing ==> Only Following’ so that you have a list of just those whom you are following, but are not following you.

You can now move quickly through that list, clicking the boxes to select those names you want to unfollow. And then scroll down and click the ‘Bulk Unfollow’ button. Voila! You have unfollowed a bunch of people who weren’t following you back, and made your Follow/Follower list more equal.

You can also use this to select those who are following you, but you aren’t following them. Then click each one you want to follow to select them, and scroll down and click ‘Bulk Follow’ to follow them all.

Manage your Twitter follows carefully when you get close to 2,000, and you can break through that Follow Limit with ease!

Deb LaQua & Mynders Glover

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  1. Awnya Boam

    Thank you for this! I have heard people try to explain, but their answer was simply “because”…this makes much more sense!

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  2. Deb LaQua

    Hi Awnya,
    Thanks for your comment. I love that site – it makes it so easy to manage your Twitter followers. Hope it works well for you!

    Reply ·
  3. Judy Kelly

    Thanks. I knew where this was but then forgot. It is really easy too.

    Reply ·

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