A New Paradigm in Time Management, part 1

Every once in awhile, a new trend emerges on the Internet. It starts out as something very subtle, but then it jumps out, becoming very obvious.

The latest trend is coming about as a result of  the increase in the rate of information flow to marketers having reached the point where it’s impossible to keep up…unless you have some super human talent, or an efficient staff.

VELOCITY…The New Trend

The existing paradigm has marketers frantically pursuing their “To Do” list, trying to keep ahead of an ever-increasing task list. That can’t work in a world where the pile keeps getting higher.

What is needed is to transcend the current way of doing things all together…to create a way of doing business that sidesteps the “To Do” List all together. That translates to increasing the rate at which we get things accomplished…VELOCITY

Here’s the dictionary definition of Velocityquickness or rapidity of motion or action; rate of change of position, in relation to time

Now, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I can speak to my observations and what’s working for me.

3 Critical Areas to Accelerate

The ultimate goal is to increase the rate at which our busineeses grow. No one likes the feeling of looking back at the last 30 days and asking, “Where did the time go?”

I’ve identified 3 Critical Areas in our business in which we need to speed up the rate of activity:

  1. Driving Traffic (results in building our List)
  2. Creating more of  our own  products and promoting more Affiliate products (results in increased Revenue…especially as our List grows).
  3. Outsourcing to others the implementation tasks (so we can focus on strategic elements of our business).

In follow-up posts, we’ll look at how increasing the velocity of results in these areas are critical for moving your business forward.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Tony Denson

    Point Taken Mynders. Somehow I missed your blog before now and this is a priority area of study for me accelerated organization. So now I am plugged in an look forward to your observations and how I can apply them myself

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  2. Kathryn Griffiths

    You really have to have your running shoes on in order to keep up. I find it difficult to keep up with all the task. I have not yet moved into the outsourcing arena… I’m not sure when that transitions takes place.

    I’m a bit of a controller… and I figure by the time I train someone else… I could easily do it my self and have exactly what I want.

    Need to change my paradigm. I’m ready and willing.

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  3. Sally K

    Thanks! I’ve been thinking more about Velocity since I heard it on a seminar that Lisa Suttora did a few weeks ago.

    I think you are right on target, and I can use this as another piece of my own projects in development, and changing business!

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  4. Suzan Schmitt

    I think the most brilliant part of what you have said is the focus part…focus on a few things and do them. I know that I am not alone in trying to put 5000 balls in the air at one time and keep them all afloat. NOT POSSIBLE.

    Perhaps more will get done when it is done step by step one task at a time with focus.

    Suzan Schmitt The Coach Marketer

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  5. Mynders

    Wow! Great comments, Tony, Kathryn, Sally, and Suzan. Thanks. It’s gratifying to know I’m on target with the trend I’m seeing.

    Tony…Accelerated Organization is a good term for it. It’s about laser focus. identifying what’s really important and staying on task.

    Kathryn…With regards to Outsourcing for us controlling types :) the key is to hire a specialist in the specific job you want done. It’s the generalist that we have to train is where the bog down occurs. Start with tasks that are related to producing Revenue in your business. Even if you can do them…outsource.

    Sally…You mention “projects” under development…the plural. Pick 1 and go all the way through with it. That’s Velocity in practice.

    Suzan…good to connect again. Juggling 5,000 balls. I get that. Just remember..focus on 1 Revenue increasing project and 1 Listbuilding activity t a time.

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  6. Cathy

    Mynders – how interesting…I woke up this morning thinking I really want to create new products faster! Faster! Your comments are spot on – it really is about figuring out what’s important and staying focused on it. So many of my clients suffer from BSOS-Bright Shiny Object Syndrome!

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  7. Robert

    Thanks for this article on new trends in improving time management skills.Well,do U have any idea about the training sessions that are being carried out by ant of the institutes?

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  8. Mynders

    Robert, I don’t have any suggestions on the programs being offered by professional organizations.

    But, if you want a great non-traditional time management program that rocks..and gets things happening for online marketers, try this.


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