Portable Video Cameras Provide A Lesson For Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 1

Understanding the Broad Market

flipslide 150x150 Portable Video Cameras Provide A Lesson For Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 1Remember the days of the Polaroid. That was an innovation to the film camera Market. It provided immediate gratification in the days when film developing could take several days or more. And later, when digital pictures arrived, look what it did to film photography. It just about made film cameras go the way of the 8 track.

The innovation is always subtle. You probably didn’t even see the pocket video make its grand entrance onto the scene.

Flip Video Revolutionized Video Recording

Here’s the big deal! The Flip Video by Cisco made the video camera truly something that anyone could use…even the most technology challenged. Just about everyone who has owned a regular camcorder (from the shoulder mounted to the strap to your hand models) remembers the hassles of getting started.

And then there were the frustrations in figuring out how to get your recording (tape in the old days) onto your computer so you could edit it. The editing programs would make you wring your hands. Then, you had the problem of figuring out how to show your video. You either had to show it on your computer or your TV. Or, perhaps like me, you stored away a lot of those little tape cartridges, which have yet to see the light of day. Getting the video online? Cumbersome, at best.

Flip changed all that! With this low cost device (lower end at about $150 at Walmart), you could now take videos when you wanted (stores in your pocket or purse), simply plug it into your camera with the attached USB connector, and have the software automatically load on your first usage.

Then your videos load just like any digital camera. With simple and intuitive software, you could edit your clips, stitch them together into a movie, add music and titles, choose individual photos from the footage, email the video or photos, and upload them to your favorite online websites..all within minutes.

Beware of Smoke and Mirrors

Oh, by the way, Flip has just released it’s latest model…the “Slide HD”…which is hot. It has 4 hours of record time, has a larger 3″ slide up screen for showing your videos to friends, and allows storage of up to 12 hours of your pre-edited Flip content for portable viewing.

But as good as this is, there’s even a better solution for online marketers. Stay tuned for tomorrow, and I’ll show you what it is!

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  1. Marian

    Wow I can hardly wait to see what it is. I bought the flip about 6 months ago and love it.

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  2. Gail

    I have an old original Flip and I love the ease of it. Would prefer an HD at some point. What’s new?

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  3. Mynders

    Marian, you’ll see the competitor in today’s Blog Post. Look for it.

    Reply ·
  4. Mynders

    Gail: It all comes down to whetther you need an external microphone jack for recording. If so, it’s the “Kodak Zi8″ at $190 or so. If not, then stick with flip. Same functionality you have now, but HD…go with the “Flip Mino HD” for $150 or so. If you want the bigger screen and carry your videos with you…go with the “Flip HD Slide” for $279.

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