Portable Video Cameras Provide A Lesson For Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 2

There’s a battle going on, and the only ones paying attention are those whom have a very specialized need for their portable video camera. It’s the battle between Flip Video and Kodak within the pocket video market.

In reality, Flip dominates the broader market, where Kodak is the hands-down winner in the Niche for those whom need a very particular application…an external microphone.

Let’s Talk Kodak

We’re talking about the “Kodak Zi8″ portable pocket video recorder. I have one. This unit looks a lot like the Flip, even has the USB connector built in, has better resolution stats, and a bigger screen than the Flips (except for the new “Slide HD”.) But it differs in 1 key respect. It has an external microphone jack in addition to a built-in mic.

A Marketing Lesson Unfolds

In the months since Kodak has been on the scene, I’ve noticed 2 key things.

1. After Kodak introduced the external microphone jack, Flip didn’t even respond with its own version. That baffled me because the external mic opens up the market for many specialty users…especially Internet Marketers doing Live interviews or recording a “talking head” video to put on a website.

2. Kodak never made any attempt to make its upload and editing software idiot proof.

So, here’s your contrast. Flip is becoming the household name, winning converts because of its incredible ease of use…starting to look more and more like Apple. Kodak, on the other hand is the hands-down winner in the specialty niche of users needing an external mic. They can’t shake that corporate way of doing things, otherwise they would have added market share with a superior all around product.

The Ah Ha!

I can speculate all I want about why Flip and Kodak are doing what they’re doing. But I do know this.

Kodak entered late and introduced a quality product with an innovation which solves the needs of a specific submarket. They have the wisdom to know that if you enter late, you’re smarter to find that specialty niche than to battle on the main front. This is what we all have heard (from those more experienced) every time we can’t resist being all things to all people. Do you get it?

Oh, and we’ll be doing a Webinar soon for our BBS students on how to navigate around the editing software on both the Flip and Kodak. icon smile Portable Video Cameras Provide A Lesson For Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 2

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