Video Marketing Can Quickly Lead To Business Success

videocamera 150x150 Video Marketing Can Quickly Lead To Business SuccessVideo is becoming more and more popular online every day, and it’s more important now than ever before to use video on your website or blog. stated that in May of 2010, 84.4% of the total US internet audience viewed online videos, and that during that month alone, over 183 million US viewers watched almost 34 Billion videos. That’s about 186 videos per viewer, or more than 6 videos each day per viewer. It’s clear that if you aren’t using videos in your online marketing, you are being left behind.

Not sure if your business would benefit from video marketing? Let’s look at three  major ways you can use videos and video marketing in your business.

Powerpoint Slideshows Produced as Videos

These have become very popular in the online community. They have the benefit of providing a pre-planned format to follow, since you use the words or images on the powerpoint slides to guide your presentation. They are quick and easy to make, and have been shown to be very effective in getting people to take action.

One of the benefits of a powerpoint video as a sales letter is that people can’t really skip to the bottom of the page to see your offer before they hear all of the benefits your product or service will provide. You can take them by the hand and walk them through the sales steps that are the most likely to produce great results.

ScreenCapture Videos

Videos showing what is live on your computer screen are truly remarkable for ‘how to’ trainings when whatever you are training can be shown on a computer screen. They allow you to demonstrate exactly how it should be done, and the viewer can pause the video or go back to review a section as needed. I personally love ‘how to’ videos, both watching them and making them. There is a wealth of information you can provide for free or as a paid product or service using screen capture videos.

Another creative use of screen capture is to do a video tour on the internet. Even if you don’t sell ‘how to’ information that can be captured on your computer screen, you can always create a screen capture video of you going to your own site or perhaps other sites and explaining the benefits of what you offer. A sneak peek (using video) into a membership site is often the piece of information a prospective member needs to make that ‘buy’ decision.

Live Video

And of course, you can always use live video captured by your Flip video or other video camera. You might be a plumber, or maybe you sell purebred pups. If your business includes something interesting or informative that people in the market for your product or service would find helpful, then you can do video marketing. It doesn’t have to be the most professional video production, it just has to be done well enough to inform and inspire your viewers, keep them watching to the end, and get them to take action.

There is almost no end to the opportunity for you to be creative with your video marketing, with the likely results of increased traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more sales. So many videos have the same common video mistakes that have people hitting their back buttons and never getting past the first few seconds.

To see if you are making these common, and often business-killing, mistakes with your videos, visit and watch the short video. These mistakes are easy to avoid – or fix – if you know what they are!

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