Want to Work Online from Home?

Back in the 90′s, if you wanted to work online from home, or have some sort of a computer home business, you had to be a real techno-savvy type of person.

Programs and applications were clunky (a techy term if there ever was one!) and computer crashes and freezes were the order of the day. And chances were, you had to be a full-blown entrepreneur to run a small business from home.

Wow, how things have changed!

I have many friends who have what might be considered typical jobs, but they don’t go in to an office. They telecommute to work most days. It’s more and more likely that you might be able to negotiate at least a few days a month to work online from home within your current job.

Many of Us Have a Bigger Dream

We want a legitimate work at home internet business. A real live business of our own that makes real live profits.

If you have been bitten by that ‘work online from home’ bug, now is the time to get started. It’s time to stop dreaming about the possibilities and start taking action.

There are a number of models to choose from when you are getting ready to start your internet business. You can sell products created by other people through affiliate marketing. You can create and sell your own products. You can build a business around physical products, like specialty dark chocolate, homemade pasta, hot sauce (can you tell I’m writing this post just before lunch?), embroidered pillows, or car parts.

Or you can sell information.

Information Marketing: The Best Internet Business

We believe that you should strongly consider an information products business.

Having started and run businesses that sold actual physical products, we’ve worn every business-owner hat at one time or another. We have selected the products to sell, and then have been the phone order-taker, the customer service person, the packer of products for shipping, and the re-stocker of shelves.

And as the businesses grew, we paid other people to do these jobs for us, so we had to have office space, and sometimes even warehouse space. We went from driving madly at 4:45 to the post office with each day’s orders to having a UPS and FedEx driver come to us each day.

Now let’s contrast that with our current information-products-based business.

We work online from home (or from just about anywhere in the world). Since the products we sell are digital, people can receive them instantly by downloading them from the internet.

No stocking, order-taking, packing, shipping — and no handling!

In fact, since we use an integrated email management and shopping cart system as a part of our online store, all of these steps take place automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We still have the fun job of creating new products, but the rest of the steps are fully automated.

You Are Invited to Discover Ways You Can Start an Internet Business

If you want to learn more about creating a way that you can work online from home, we invite you to register to claim your spot at our upcoming Money on Demand teleseminar on July 30th (a replay will be available).

You’ll learn timely information about how you can get online and automated as fast and as easily as possible, so you can start living your dream. Join us!

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    Your absolutely right. Information marketing is absolutely the best legitimate work from home opportunity.

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